Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Meanwhile, Back at The Asylum...

It's official. Peppermint Twatwaffle is the new General Manager here at The Cubicle Asylum.

Yesterday was my first day back after being off for a week, so she felt we needed to have a meeting "just to go over a few things." I was informed that Sparkles' replacement has already been hired and if everything goes through corporate, he should start on 4/16. The new guy is one of our long time reps who is looking for a place to eventually retire. His own company recently got bought out so he's lost interest.

Sounds a lot like Bossholio.

Sparkles called me yesterday afternoon. He apologized for telling my potential new boss about the job opening, then told me to be careful, watch my back, trust no one.

This can't bode well.

When Twatwaffle figured out that I was talking to Sparkles on the phone, she seemed to get her feathers ruffled. Later it came out that Sparkles left early on Friday, his last day, which wouldn't be that unusual, but he just kept talking about what a bad day it was. I'm suspicious if there were words between him and Twatwaffle or something.

Hell I don't know. I just need five more years and my house should be paid for.

Fingers crossed ya'll... I have a feeling it's going to be a bumpy ride.

Later Taters!


Anonymous said...

They have been laying off people right and left here. I am just praying for another 10 years so I can retire and not have to work that the Waffle House or some place worse! I say a little prayer every morning that today is not the day I get sent home. I'm keeping my fingers crossed for all of us!

b.fez said...

Wait - I'm confused. What happened to Sparkles? Was he laid off, transferred, or quit? I hope it's not the first option. And how in the WTF did PT get promoted?? That place sounds like hell in a handbasket! Thinking good thoughts for you.........

Celia said...

Ack, sorry, keeping my fingers crossed for you. Ugly stuff.

Teressa Welch said...

Trust no one. Sounds like the #1 survival tool in that situation. It really blows, having to work in an environment like that. Hugs.