About Mahala

I've been sharing my life on Hidden Mahala since 2006. That's a long time telling stories about life in Frog Pond Holler. I've shared tales about co-workers at The Cubicle Asylum, some of the townies and my ever present kinfolk. Readers who have been around since the beginning probably know more about my personal life than they ever wanted to, but I've done my best, most of the time, to keep them laughing.

In 2016, after my Cubicle Asylum liberation and a family tragedy overlapped, something changed. I don't know how to explain it exactly. I stopped sleeping at night, I broke down in tears if I tried to go to the Dollar Store, I'd freak out if I saw anyone I knew in town. Facebook, Twitter.. all social media, kept me in an emotional wad. I had to take a step back

My brain just.... broke.

Writing, my one escape from the bullshit around me, became impossible. I couldn't think of words, nothing was funny. I had lost my mojo.

Now, over a year later, I'm trying to dig my way back to the surface, back to the sunlight.

About a month ago, I discovered Patreon, a creator platform where, in exchange for a small monthly subscription fee (as little as $1) patrons would have access to creator content.

I jumped right on it. Finally, I could write, people could pay whatever they wanted and I could do what I loved. I set up my page, painstakingly researching every aspect to make sure it was set up for success. THE DAY I was set to go live, Patreon announced a change to their payment structure and the interwebs went apeshit wild pissed off.

If you live a serendipitous life, you know that was a BIG sign from The Universe.

So I poked around at alternatives until I discovered Ko-fi which allows people to drop a couple of dollars in support of creator content. I decided I'd add a Ko-fi of my own and in exchange I'd do my damndest to produce the same types of stories I intended to do on Patreon.

This means:

  • No ads
  • No sponsored posts
  • No popups
  • Short stories about Frog Pond Holler with
  • No whining
  • No politics
  • All the funny I can muster
I'm currently saving to get an inexpensive prepaid cellphone from the one local carrier with coverage in Frog Pond Holler. I do have a phone, it's about 5 years old. The sound quit working about six months ago. I don't have cell service but I have a free app that allows me to text and make calls over WiFi. Of course, the innerwebs is slower than a constipated sloth here, so to make a phone call, I have to make sure TA isn't using the internet and scream in to the phone. I have frightened the receptionist down at the Hee Haw Clinic more than once.

If sending people money on the internet makes you uncomfortable, that's cool. I get it. For all you know I'm going to blow it all on gas station wine and hunky hill fellers with loose morals. That's why I also have My Amazon Wishlist. Items there vary from kitchen utensils to hair dye. My whisk is rusted and I don't know what happened to the pizza pan. Things that have broken or simply worn out that I can't replace right now make up most of the list. There are also critter supplies. I don't necessarily NEED hair dye or stuff to try to do my own nails (I do miss my hookerlicious pornstar nails,) but it would be nice to not look older than my own mother. I've also added a few crafty things, like quilt batting. I sewed a quilt top for the new granddaughter (that's number 5 if you're keeping track,) but I haven't had the means to finish it. I added a keyboard because this one is so old the legs are broken off, it hops around my desk when I type and the letters are worn off most of the keys.

Maybe you're still not feeling it, maybe you're a broke ass like me, but you read something that made you laugh until tears ran down your leg. Do you know someone else that might need a giggle? Sharing is caring ya'll!

Moving Forward
So bear with me as I struggle to find my mojo. I know it's still in there, I just need to dig it out. I hope I can help you forget the clusterfuck that is our world today, even if just for a few minutes. That's my real goal.

We'll talk again soon. Hope to see you in The Holler.

Later Taters!