Southern Fried Stings

When The Amazon was away at college, she made some great friends that I know she'll share a lifelong relationship with. Since moving back here to the holler, she's mentions them from time to time, a wistfulness in her voice that makes me think that she misses that big city school just a smidge.

One of her school buds she mentions often is England, the blossoming actress. Over the past few years, she's kept me posted on her latest acting gigs, mostly B horror flicks and indie films. But now? England has made the big time.

Well, sort of.

England is part of "The Jay Team" on TruTv's new show Southern Fried Stings. I hesitate to call it a "reality" show, I'll just let you reserve your own judgement on that.

Doesn't she look hot taking down this perp? It's actually Jay, but still, she looks like she's kickin' bootay to me.

On Southern Fried Stings, the Jay Team is called out when you've got a problem to solve but don't want to involve actual law enforcement.

I think that makes them a vigilante group. I'm a little afraid.

Check them out on Monday nights on TruTv at 10pm and you can say, "Hey! I read the blog of somebody who's kid went to school with that girl!" and people will be impressed with your awesomeness.

I promise.

Later Taters!