End of Times

Have you noticed that society seems obsessed with the end of civilization?

Historically, there have always been people claiming the end was near, that we needed to get our sins in check and prepare for the end of the world, but this is something different.

I find myself obsessed with every t.v. show involving a catastrophic blow to society, whether it be a global zombie infestation, bird flu epidemic or natural disaster. The common thread with all theses scenarios, is a breakdown of societal structures, leaving behind a livable earth and enough survivors to start over.

But why? I started to wonder if I had some weird mental disorder, a morbid obsession with mass destruction. Then I realized, it's not just me. The end of the world is big business right now. You can find countless books written by survivalists, freeze dried foods by the 5 gallon bucket, even information on home defense for those who want to start construction on their fortified compound.

I think I know why.

You need only look around you. On the news, politicians are performing like circus clowns, twirling about to the calliope, willing to say or do anything, as long as they can keep the spotlight on them.

On social media, people are arguing over which bathroom other people should use, conjuring up images of masked pedophiles lurking in the next stall, waiting to peek at Little Precious. They're threatening boycotts, organizing campaigns and creating an atmosphere of hatred, all because some of those circus clowns triggered their mama bear instincts with imagined threats to their cubs.

Families are struggling to survive, no matter how hard they work, basic needs aren't met.

Nothing makes sense.

In this age of technology, what is the one thing you do when your device goes kittywampus?

You hit the reset button. Turn it off, turn it back on.

The world needs a reset button. Tear it down and start over. That's why we love shows like The Walking Dead .

When there is no money, the rich have no power. When you're taking a dump out in the woods, using poison oak for toilet paper, it no longer matters what sex you are. If there's no electricity, there aren't circus clowns screaming at us, "Listen to me or your child will die!!!!"

Don't get me wrong. I'd never make it without civilization. Just come by my house when the internet's been down for an hour. It's not a pretty sight. As for killing zombies, I gross out if I have to touch dirty dish water. I'm pretty sure the level of anxiety I'd have after scraping twice-dead zombie guts off the floor would be catastrophic.

I'm hopeful, but not very, that it doesn't come to that. In the meantime, I'm trying to stay away from national news. It messes with my happy place. I'd rather watch hunky men and bad-ass women stab the undead between the eyes.. or goopy eye sockets.. whatever.

Anywho... we'll talk again soon, kay? Ya'll have a good one.

Later Taters!