The Mass Exodus of the Menfolk

It's a gray and gloomy morning in Frog Pond Holler, but I'm awake and that's a win.

I borrowed T.A.'s phone and called the Social Security office yesterday to check on my disability claim. No lie, I waited an hour and fifteen minutes for my call to be answered, only to be told that I should know something between now and January 10. I applied on September 1st.

I fully realize that it may all be in vain, what with the lying, Cheeto dusted, butthole mouthed, psychopath threatening to dismantle the whole system once he moves in to the White House. It's okay, I've been fighting my whole life, I'll fight that too.

I've got a whole tirade on Forest Trump started, but that will have to wait. Sometimes you just have to shut the whole world out for a while when the absolute ridiculousness of it all overwhelms. 

I emailed Shady Pines to check on Ma. I explained that I was really worried, needed to know how she was and that I wasn't able to call due to lack of a phone or visit without a vehicle. I received a reply from the director asking why I hadn't provided a phone number, that it would be so much easier to keep in touch with a phone call. 

I wanted to email him back and say, "I'm sorry, CAN'T YOU READ?" But I didn't. I replied and explained again. That was a few days ago, but I've not heard anything else. I'm sure Ma copped an attitude, but I can't keep beating myself up over it. I've done all I can do.

Things have gotten a little crazy over at Aunt Moses' house. A month or so ago, my trashy-big-boobed-cousin-with-the-lazy-eye announced that she and her brood were moving to N.Y. Her internet hubby was from there and had apparently had enough of back-to-nature mountain top living.

They got rid of all their dogs, which pissed me off, and started packing. They'd been living in a doublewide, formerly owned by Aunt Moses' inlaws and now the property of Aunt Moses' oldest son, James. James started the ball rolling to sell the place as soon as he found out about the move, he's been wanting to unload it for years.

When moving day came around, TBBCWTLE was informed by her NY bubbahubby that HE was moving to NY, taking his son with him. He had no intention of taking them with him. 

Big time asshole move.

So now, TBBCWTLE, her daughter and her snakes have moved in to Aunt Moses' house, which had already been squatted by TBBCWTLE's son and his little wifeypoo. ON THE SAME DAY, Uncle Clarence announced that, since he was done with chemo, he was moving to Montana to live with James. He loaded up his motorcycle and left. 

There was a lot of sadness at Aunt Moses' house.

There are now 4 adults and one angsty teen living in a two bedroom house. Only 2 of those people have jobs. I think TBBCWTLE gets a check for her daughter.

In the weeks following Uncle Clarence's move, he had another heart attack, a stroke and something else involving an aneurysm. Aunt Moses has had to take off work to go up there a bunch of times. 

Aunt Moses is currently mad at me for not coming over for Turkey Day, but I'm sorry.. snakes. It's probably healthy for her to have someone to be angry at and if she wants to take it out on me, that's okay. 

When I start feeling all woe-is-me-ish, I stop and give thanks that at least it's not as bad as it is over at Moses'. Lawd.

Anywho, I should probably take little Cisco out for a few minutes. I think I saw Gladys Kravitz walking her little pooch earlier, so it should be safe to go outside. Ya'll have a good one. We'll talk again soon.

Later Taters!!