Getting Back Down to Business in The Holler

I think it's time to return my focus to the happenings in Frog Pond Holler, instead of.. ya know.. The Swamp.

The Outhouse People left the week before Christmas. I guess they got tired of sinking in the mud. I nearly stood in the yard cheering as they drove away, but I decided it would probably be in poor taste. 

A week later, the big baked potato looking Airstream from last year returned to the lot directly across the road. 

I can't get a break.

At least it's unoccupied. The guy who owns it lives over in Big City and is using it for an occasional weekend getaway. I can live with that, not that it's up to me, but I like my solitude.

I damned near went to the pokey on New Year's Eve. Some a-holes on the street behind me, probably the same neighbors who stole the black walnut tree off my property a few years ago, were setting off fireworks. Not your typical backyard fireworks, but loud, booming, obnoxious explosions. 

It sounded like friggen downtown Baghdad. 

All the dogs were shaking, I wasn't much better. I may have gone out in the backyard and screamed, "COULD YOU JUST F*CKING STOP ALREADY?" Which was followed by hysterical laughter from the offenders and more earth shattering kabooms. 

I called the po-po and basically told them that either they could go up there and put a stop to it or I was going to go up there and they'd end up having to intervene for a totally different situation. The dispatcher let me know fireworks were against the law in N.C. and they'd take care of it. 

I've become THAT crazy lady. They're going to have my name on some kind of list.

Anywho, it's supposed to be in the high 60s today and an internet fairy gifted me with a giant jug of laundry detergent, some Downy and a can of coffee, so I'm fully caffeinated and hell bent on making a dent in the multiple laundry piles scattered around the house. 

Also, if any of you have a Roku device, you need to look in to "private channels." I'm getting the major networks and news feeds for free. Email me for specifics using the contact form on the left. This is not a paid endorsement, I'm just spreading the word.

You may have noticed that I've taken a huge step back from Facebook. My unmedicated anger issues are easily set off by hateful comments and unsolicited advice. I have to control my bubble. I still log on and read your posts, but for the time being, I won't be commenting much. Please don't take it personally. Maintaining my sanity is a battle right now.

You can, however, witness my outbursts in real time by following my Twitter feed, but don't bother if you're a Trump supporter. I occasionally live tweet C-Span, with commentary. 

That's all from The Holler, for now anyway. Stay tuned. More to come.

Later Taters