Sunday, August 03, 2014

Round 2

Sooo Doctah Chillay started at The Cubicle Asylum on Friday. He spoke to me once. When I joked that he'd come back from lunch and that it was a good sign, he rattled on about how he'd been in this business 35 years and how "people" had been quoting the wrong things and there were going to be a lot of changes. He went on to say that "people" were going to start being more efficient.

The man doesn't know me. I am his one employee and he never asked me the first thing about our sales department, our process or anything. I am the only "people" that does quotes.

So, I sat back down at my desk, cut my remaining Clonazepam pills in half, called for a refill and washed my hands of him.

Also on Friday, Twatwaffle came in half an hour late in her heels and barfly get up, stomped down to Kat's office and loudly demanded that she could at least make her a cup of coffee. It is not Kat's job to make coffee. It is understood that everyone makes their own damned coffee. Twatwaffle continued to show her ass up and down the hall all day.

I found out from the folks at the little corner store that DC has already stopped there two days in a row to buy two bottles of wine and a 40. He's rented a cabin up by where Aunt Moses used to live, right down the road from Bubbles. So before he'd even started at The Asylum, he was already sitting up in the woods, alone with his two Pomeranians, getting boozed up.

Friday, when Tiny sat down to instruct DC how to use our inventory management system to look up part numbers, etc., DC told him he was wasting his time.

This guy is a total dick.

I'd like to know what psyche ward our corporate office trolls looking for sales managers.

He has also been all over town, telling all the little businesses that he is the new "National Sales and Marketing Manager" at the plant. They've all said he was buying booze and strutting around like he thought he was hot shit, in his white socks and sandals. I can not wait for him to tell me to fetch him some coffee. He is in for a rude awakening.

Anywho... I gotta make a run to the dolla store. I'm out of deodorant, toothpaste and shampoo. Also, Grimm sliced his foot open on a piece of glass yesterday, so we spent close to 10 hours at the pet ER. He's going to be fine, at first we thought it was just a bad cut, but they ended up having to repair a tendon. Between that, the power being cut off for a couple of days last week, leading to a minor meltdown and Doctah Chillay's grand display of assholedness, I'm emotionally and physically pewped.

A sane person would be going a little batshit at this point.

So we'll talk again soon. Ya'll have a great week.

Later Taters!

Monday, July 28, 2014

Monday. Not My Fun Day.

I am really not in to this whole Monday thing.

Moving the washing machine kicked my big ol' butt. I had taken it apart when I tried to fix it, then couldn't get it back together, so I loaded it on the hand truck with the whole back end flopping up and down. At one point I had it stuck in the hallway, then I got it hung on the phone line. When I finally got it to the front door, I got frustrated after wrangling all the critters and sticking them in bathrooms and bedrooms so I could prop the front door open. I ended up ripping the whole cabinet off of it and carrying it out by itself. The washer and all it's parts eventually ended up making it's way down down the ramp and to the yard.

I'm sure I was a sight, barefoot and sweaty, wrangling big pieces of appliance all over the front porch.

I also got rid of Ma's monstrous electric chair this weekend. Aunt Moses knew some people who could use it. I was so thankful. I had already planned to shove it out in to the yard this weekend until I could find someone to haul it off.

So much crap that needs to go.

We have a chair that's worn out and the cheapo Wally World entertainment center going to the dump when I get my next burst of energy.

I'm too old for this mess.

The Amazon just texted me that we had a cut off notice from the electric company when she got home this morning. I'm not even going to worry about it. We get them all the time, but they have yet to actually cut it off. I get paid Friday. Let go and let God.

Such is Monday.

Later Taters!

Saturday, July 26, 2014

August 1

1.My first truck payment free payday.

I'm getting my nails done, buying the biggest stockpile of toilet paper you've ever seen and going to see Ma. I also need to take like... some serious laundry to the laundromat.

2.Doctah Chilay's first day.

I don't really know if this is a good thing or not, I've not really had a chance to talk to him other than to offer to let him live in the RV and poop in a bucket. I do know he'll come in all gung ho and hit the ground running. This will last about two months, when he'll see that engineering doesn't want to do anything, Twatwaffle is a nincompoop, corporate is going to bear down on him like drill sergeant and his one employee has ceased to give a fluffy bunny butt. He will then either leave or accept his mistake and mope around looking like someone kicked his pooch. It is the way of The Asylum.

3. A Friday!

Always a good thing.

4. Start building inventory for my new website.

I have the name picked out but I still need to reserve the address. I found a decent store hosting site with reasonable rates. I want to start buying stock, a little at a time and start listing things as I get them. It'll take a while, longer than if I had the cash to do it all it once, but hey, life is a journey.. a process. No reason to get in a big hurry.

As you can see, August 1st will bring with it many changes. I'm excited on all fronts, embarrassingly so for the stock pile of toilet paper.

This weekend, I've got a hand truck from work so I can move the old washer out to the curb. It's actually practically new. I got the cheapo brand from Lowes and it was a complete waste of money. I didn't even have it paid for before it started leaking. I'm planning to get a used laundry sink off CL and install it in it's place. With the town sewage issues we have every damned spring, it's not worth worrying when it empties that the toilets will over flow and the tubs will fill with grossness.

I have lots more crap I need to get done, but if I can get the washer to the curb, I'll consider the weekend a success. The hardest part will be getting the footrests closed on the reclining couch and loveseat so that there's room to get through the living room with the washer. I hate those effin things. You can't close the footrest unless you've got the calves of Hercules and if you stand up to close them, they slam against the wall. I damned near killed Grimm trying to get up to go pee once.

Anywho, wish me luck. We'll talk again soon. Later Taters!!!
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