Two Very Nice Gentlemen

For the past few days, Lulu's been telling me about her new neighbors down the river. Two gentlemen recently moved to a house just up the road on the main drag next to the Baptist church who are rumored to be "that way" .. her words, not mine.. but seem very nice. Lulu has pointed out on several occasions that they keep their property well manicured and beautified, important qualities for any landowner in sight of Lulu's place, if they're to meet with her approval.

I'm not sayin' she's anal and nitpicky or anything...

She damn near curls up in the fetal position and weeps whenever I mention the Curative Pool of Natural Healing we've got cookin' in our front yard, resulting from the sewage blockage.


About a week ago she noticed water coming up from the ground near the edge of their property and flowing down across the road to the river. It was obvious to everyone that drove by that there was a break in the water line where it went into their property.

Everyone except the two very nice gentlemen.

They were spotted a few days ago taking turns shoveling through the puddle that was forming at the edge of their property. All the neighbors figured they knew what they were doing, taking the business of repairing the leak in to their own hands, having heard of the town's reputation for slacking on the job when it came to caring for the water issues of it's residents.

But then?

Then they lined the large hole with rocks, allowed it to fill with water and added a couple of goldfish. Apparently the two very nice gentlemen thought they'd hit a natural spring. Yesterday, the goldfish were seen being washed across the asphalt towards the river. I'm going to pretend they made it, lest I lie awake at night and imagine them panting on the pavement. They never stood a chance in the pool to begin with. Our water has so much chlorine in it, you can smell it from a mile away.

Lulu's new neighbors will figure things out when they get their water bill in the next few days. Hopefully they'll have more luck dealing with the town than I have.

I'd better get back to work.

Ya'll have a good one.

Later Taters!!


Teressa Flye said...

Oh the price of stupidity! Maybe they can hit the gov't up for a loan to pay their water bill; it'll probably resemble the national debt, and those idiots in D.C. won't be able to tell the difference!

Anonymous said...

Well at least it keeps life interesting. LOL

kenju said...

At least it's now sewage....LOL. Maybe that's why the "two nice gentlemen" in my neighborhood just put their home on the market.

kenju said...

NOT! not now.

tiff said...

Have mercy and go tell them!

BetteJo said...

New neighbors? When do they stop being new?