Sometimes Life is Too Much

It's not even 9 a.m. yet, I've already gotten in an argument with a customer and I have a paper cut. It can only get better from here, right?

As for the argument, if your order isn't shipping on time because your account is on credit hold, don't bitch at me, pay your feckin' bills.


Speaking of fights, there was a doozy down at the sports bar Saturday night. Thelma's bubbahubby, the town cop, was awakened at the wee hours of the morning by a drunken female on the phone. (We don't bother with 911, the county never shows up. There's always someone in the crowd with Thelma's bubbahubby's cellphone number.)

"Hey.. *giggle*.. we was all down here at the bar and some Marines got to fighting with some guy."

"Who is this?" Mr. Supercop asked.

"It's ME silly! *giggle* So um.. it looks like his jawbone is sticking out in his mouth. Do you think we need to call the 9-1-1?"

"Who's jawbone? YES call an ambulance, I'm on my way."

When he got there, he found Shay, Teensy's son, with his jaw hanging and bone sticking out where it shouldn't. The original story was that he got his butt kicked by five Marines for no reason at all. After some digging and questioning of witnesses, in various stages of intoxication, it was determined that it was actually three Marines who jumped Shay after he got to spouting off with that smart mouth of his.

I feel bad for Teensy. She and her second bubbahubby used to work here at The Asylum, until he decided he could make more money doing construction which led to his falling from some scaffolding while working at the hospital over in Big City. I forget how many bones he broke, I remember that it messed his face up pretty bad and he had to have some plastic surgery. This was all right after Teensy and him had bought a brand new double wide, she'd had a baby (one of those middle age surprise package pregnancies) and quit her job. Teensy didn't get upset though, she just kept praying through it all.

When Teensy's mama died though, something snapped. They'd lived next door to each other all her adult life and her mama's death came sudden. Something in Teensy wasn't the same after that. She went from being one of the town's most outspoken holy rollers to it's biggest drug addict. Some said it was prescription drugs she got from the clinic to help deal with everything, others said she was a crack head.

I just know she was a mess.

About a year after her mama died, Teensy's bubbahubby was sent to prison for molesting his niece. With two little girls of her own, that was more than she could handle.

That was about two years ago. I've seen her ex around town, but she's moved on, often spotted at the pool hall down at the state line, hanging all over some tourist, half lit and comfortably numb. I don't blame her. I'd be drunk too. And while I have sympathy for her son, who's had surgery to put his face back together and is home with his jaw wired shut, it's Teensy I'm worried about.

A person can only take so much.


Ya'll have a good one. I'm going to go shuffle papers for a while, listen to some Seether and lose myself in the music.

And count my blessings.

Later Taters.


tiff said...

I feel for Teensy. Really I do - because you're right, a person CAN only take so much.

Great post, Mahala.

kenju said...

Re-read what Tiff said - it goes for me too. All of it.

Sorry for and about Teensy.

Inanna said...

Geez. Hope Teensy finds her way back around to faith, or something. Geez, I don't blame her. I'm not nearly as bad off and I look at the bottle all the time.

BetteJo said...

But you know for a fact that people can come back from those set backs. Even when they're HUGE!

rennratt said...

Poor Teensy. I hope that someone steps in and offers a shoulder in friendship to help her out.

That's a lot to have to deal with.