Cruisin' for Chicks

I've been off from The Asylum for the past week. I had grand plans for getting all sorts of crap done, but T.A. got a flat tire early in the week, which should be an easy problem to solve, but the tire was fused, stuck.. something.. and no amount of pulling, kicking, jiggling, cussing, crying, screaming or rolling around in the mud would knock it loose.

I sprained chit I didn't even realize I still had.

As a result, I ended up spending a big ol' chunk of my time off laying around on the recline-a-couch whining about all the other crap I needed to be doing while playing Candy Crush and watching everything on Hulu.

My back, hip and left shoulder are still all kittywampus but better than they were a few days ago.

On Monday of my vacay, T.A. and I set out on an adventure to find some chicks.. of the peep peep feather variety. Not the human sort.. I've been alone a long time but it hasn't been that long. It will never be that long.

We started at the semi-local Tractor Supply, but they only had one breed of unsexed chicks, then I drove a little farther in to Big City to the Southern States, only to find an empty chick bin.. and a very large mush faced cat.

By then, I was on a feckin' mission and I was not going back home without some fuzzy little mutha cluckas and ended up driving an embarrassingly long distance before coming home with six little Ameraucana chicks.

Some of you may remember that I've never been fond of chickens. In fact, I'm sorta scared of hens in particular, due to an early childhood trauma that took place right on this very property, when it was my Granny's. One of her mother hens didn't appreciate my grabby little sausage fingers going after one of her fluffy, little, yellow babies.

I still jump whenever a hen makes a sudden move.

So why I ended up getting chicks that grow up to look like hawk-raptor-ninjas is beyond me. They're already kinda shady lookin', like they'll turn on you when you're not looking.

I took this on Tuesday, we figure they were probably 5-7 days old. They have gotten considerably bigger in the past few days. They're growing fast. They're probably left over from some weird scientific experiment, crossing chickens with frozen velociraptor cells or somechit. We're not sure if we got all pullets or all roosters for that matter. There's one with a fat head and a wider tail that I'm suspicious of. Maybe it's just a BBW pullet.

I need to get crackin' on my coop soon.. or that bathroom is going to get pretty crowded.

Ya'll take care. We'll talk again soon.

Later Taters!


tiff said...

I love this so much. Go, chickens!

Teressa Welch said...

"BBW pullet"! LMAO!

We had chicken when I was little. The eggs were nice, but I don't miss the mess they made.

Hope all your parts feel better soon. Putting up with the idiocy at the Robot Monkey Emporium is bad enough without being in pain, too.

poopie said...

I got flogged as a child...put me into therapy years later

Lost in the Cube said...

I have "chicken issues" too. We raised them and I was chased more than I can count. I still hate them (pretty much all birds) You would think that eating them would kinda even the score, but it really didn't. Good luck with the ones you got. I sure hope they don't have any raptor in them. That could cause lots of problems down the road. (And I think they would be a little hard to catch)