Of Pits and Manberries

It's a beautiful day Frog Pond Holler. The air is crisp and the sun is shining bright, reflecting the glistening moisture remaining from last night's rain off the fresh, new grass. The aroma of cut lawns, burning brush piles and just a hint of unwashed hiker armpit, wafts gently on the breeze.

Spring has sprung.

In other news, I got my federal refund the other day. A great rejoicing could be heard from inside my little trailer down in the holler. The first thing I did? Made an appointment for the bunnies to get a little snip-snip, because even though they are both male, yet have never fought and I don't have a female around to worry about them gettin' in the family way, being male? SWEET JEHOVAH THEY PEE ON EVERYTHING. They pee on the walls of their hutch, on my porch, ON EACH OTHER. I hope this helps. Hell, they even managed to pee on the CEILING of their hutch. 


So tomorrow morning I get to load them up in a giant plastic storage bin (because really, how else am I going to haul to ginormous rabbits to the vet?) that has a big hole cut in the top, which, in true hillbilly style, I will cover with some chicken wire and duct tape. 

The box has a hole because it was originally a Pinterest DIY project for a better cat litter box. A project in which Kitty refused to participate. Apparently she does not know the value of being a team player. 

I guess tonight, since I'm off from the jammy job, which, by the way has turned in to cramming 15 hours work in on Saturday and Sunday because the most I can get now during the week is an hour, I'll try to get the bunnies cleaned up and brushed a little so they don't look like dirty little orphans at the vet tomorrow. 

There is lots more going on, lots of projects I've got going including painting, repairing, chickens, pygmy goats and all kindsa crap. I'm planning before and after posts, which I'm sure will be the most boring posts ever, unless of course I impale myself with a power tool or get flogged or somechit. 

Which is more likely than not.


Sparkles is out on sales calls so I'm unsupervised and practicing my sales ninja skizzles, so I'd better get to it. 

Ya'll have an awesome day. We'll talk again soon.

Later Taters!!