The World's Gone Mad

I don't know if it's the influence of watching too much "when civilization as we know it ends" tv shows, spending too much time alone with the bunnies or just the general lack of physical contact in my life finally effecting me mentally, but don't the news broadcasts this week sound an awful lot like the opening scene of a post apocalyptic movie?

The angry little garden gnome in North Korea is strutting around like a chihuahua with a hambone, explosions rocking the Boston Marathon, West, Texas (in East Texas, by the way) pretty much just blows up and ricin poisoned letters showing up at the White House.

We're not even going to discuss the bird flu outbreak in China.

Maybe it did all start back in December. I'm starting to wonder.

I'm seriously considering buying more duct tape, plastic sheeting and bottled water for when the zombies come and we have to hole up in our houses. And salt to line the windows and doors.. just in case demons come bubbling up from hell.

And where the crap is a girl supposed to get a jug of Holy water when the ONLY Catholic priest in town sold the property to a B and B?

I'm only half joking.

Stay safe ya'll.

Later Taters!