Future Plans

It's raining buckets in the holler. We're under flood warnings, everything's soaked and it just keeps on coming. Adding to the fun is our borked up sewage line. If it ever stops raining long enough I'll see if I can figure out where the problem is, but in the meantime we can't use the dishwasher or do laundry. Tonight I had to stop hand washing dishes when the yuck started bubbling up out of the bathtub. 

To take my mind off.. ya know.. things and stuff.. I've been making future plans for the property, which explains my craptastic picture. I've got it broken down into steps, beginning with the front yard. My first project will be to fix the skirting around the trailer, then the porch. Ma had the railing cut out in the middle so she could see who what going up and down the road from her recliner. I intend to put it back. Once all that's done, I'll start on the back and maybe... and that's a big maybe, we'll have chickens by the end of the summer. 

I plan to bore ya'll with pics as it goes along, beginning with a "before" pic of the whole lot. I was going to take one today, but IT WON'T STOP FRIGGEN RAINING.


Ya'll have a good week. 

Later Taters!!!


kenju said...

It's a good plan (near as I can tell). Good luck!

tiff said...

I do like that you're not planning on housing Satan in your backyard - that's perhaps the very best part of the plan. :)

Stupid sewer line. Won't the town come out and root it??

Mahala said...

I was worried that my goat picture looked like Satan, but T.A. assured me that it looked more like a puppy with bananas on it's head.

As for the sewer line, when the Leprechaun worked on it before, he put a tap in right by the road, so IF IT EVER STOPS RAINING I'll see if i can at least tell if it's on the town's side. If it is, I'll call them.