It's Gone All Sour Broccoli

It's rainy and cold in the holler today. They're calling for snow later today, mostly up on the mountain.

I had grand plans to get some stuff made, mostly earrings, and get some books listed that I've had for over a month, but instead I slept. I've contracted a mild case of The Black Plague of Death, I guess it's more like The Beige Plague of Feel-Like-Shitness. It's mostly in my throat, causing me to lose my voice a few times. Last week it was accompanied by Aunt Flo's whirlwind visit, resulting in yacking up phlegm while bawling, listening to Adele and hiding a ginormous bag of M & Ms behind the box of sugar free cake mix. On Friday I had a pukey headache, brought on by a combination of ailments.

Is this getting depressing? Sorry.

Something stinks in the girl cave. It smells kinda like fuzzy old broccoli. Between naps yesterday I scrubbed out the sink, the trash can and Lola B's bunny cave, stuck my nose under the sink, in the fridge and in every nook and cranny. I still can't find it. I wonder if it's mildew from where the roof leaks. I sprayed Lysol up on the ceiling.

Now it smells like sour broccoli scented Lysol.

I've burned so much incense, smoke was rolling out the windows. The neighbors probably think I'm running a hippie flop house.


Ma needs her bed changed, I have laundry to hang out and I need to shave some things for my physical tomorrow. Just call me Squatch.

We'll talk again soon. Later Taters!

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Judy (kenju) said...

Be careful shaving! Maybe that's where the sour smell comes (just kidding)

BetteJo said...

Trying to find out where a smell is coming from can sometimes be harder than smelling it! Good luck with that, hope you feel better soon!

BetteJo said...
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tiff said...

Calling for snow here today too...but I doubt it'll get that far.

Hope you're feeling all better very soon!