Hoochie Mama's Coochie Shack

Those of you who've been around here for a while will remember stories of Dubya, his estate and his hoochie mama step daughter who was known all over Frog Pond Holler as the Forty Dolla Ho. Miss Hoochie liked to do business in the nasty little camper behind Dubya's house and found most of her customers among the stinky hikers that start limping down off the trail each spring. She was also the woman of ill repute who inspired The Amazon to coin the phrase "fat slappin' sex sounds" while entertaining a "client" one warm, summer night.

Dubya has since gone on to the great estate in the sky and Hoochie Mama has moved on, taking up residence with some migrant farm workers with little command of the English language. The estate has been sold and the new owners have been sprucing up the place. Rumor is that they intended to remove the camper, but because of the nastiness of the property, the neighbors on both sides put up privacy fence and now, there's no way to haul it out.

Unless you do it a piece at a time. Which is what they're doing.

Every Saturday morning, when I like to sleep in, my God given right as a friggen AMERICAN, I'm awakened at dawn o'thirty by the sound of menfolk ripping the old camper apart, like pitbulls fighting over a chicken bone.

Another tidbit that made it's way around the rumor mill a few months ago, was from the uppity neighbors down the road, who referred to my little old girl cave as an eye sore.

I bet they're loving the view from across the street.


Ya'll have a good one. We'll talk again soon.

Later Taters!!

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tiff said...

what on earth would make a person wake up early on a Sat morning to do WORK?

That's just sick and wrong.

Judy (kenju) said...

I agree with Tiff - unless that work is a wedding - then I'm all for it!

Hope your neighbors choke on their rumors!