Mr. G and the Foxtrot

I swear to peaches, it's 150 feckin' degrees up in this office and I'm already starting to feel a little crotchety.

It's not even 8:30 yet.

I hope I don't see anyone I want to impress today, the lack of spackle and paint makes me look half dead.

And the hair. We won't even go there.

I didn't have time to do any serious coiffing nor applying of war paint before I left the house this morning. Mr. G woke me up around 3 a.m., nudging me rudely as he whispered his sweet nothings:

Mr. G: "Ohhhh zeee ma'dam, she has forgotten moi. Wake up my leetle cabbage and we will do zee tango and zee fox trot like zee old times!!"

Me: "Dude.. seriously? I'm not in the mood. Bossman is off this week. I have to rest. I don't have time for your nonsense. Settle your little ass down and go back to sleep."

Mr. G: "I weel not be ignored mon chere'! Wake up! We weel tip toe through zee tulips and tap dance like zee Sammy Davis Jr.!"

I ended up sleeping on the couch, which I may not have mentioned, is broken. It's closer to the bathroom... just in case. I woke up again around 5 a.m. to the kitty munching down on my hair.

It's going to be a long day. I'm going to try to make the best of it.

Ya'll have a good one.

Later Taters!


Significant Snail said...

We're in the same boat at our office - AC is out ...gone...needs parts...this office is hellish.

What do you say we win the lottery and go somewhere breezy???

Mahala said...

I dunno.. they say the lottery has a curse attached. How about we find a couple of sugar daddies?

BetteJo said...

I'm guessing that new air conditioning hasn't been installed yet?

Mahala said...

Oh.. the ac. Apparently corporate won't approve it until we submit a few more job quotes, just for comparison. Do you know how hard it is to get someone to come to Frog Pond Holler for crap like that? So we're waiting on corporate bull crap. In the meantime, I'm sweating like a crack monkey in rehab.