Squinty Morning

The air is a little crisp and cool in the holler this morning. The skies are dark off beyond the mountain tops, it looks like we'll get rain before the day is said and done. I was about a third of the way in to my walk this morning when I realized why the world was looking a little fuzzy... I forgot my glasses.

The Amazon's root canal didn't go well yesterday and she felt she needed to share, in graphic detail, everything that went wrong. She had to open at the Pump n' Go this morning, so I've not had a chance to check on her yet. I hope she took some ibuprofen with her.

We had a meeting here at the Asylum yesterday afternoon. There will be more layoffs this week and the rest of us will be going back to 30 hours. For those of you keeping score, I've gone from 40 to 32 to 30 to 40 to 32 and now back to 30. The news came as a shock to me, I honestly thought things were getting better. I thought sales were up (yes.. but not enough, I'm told) and that we were on the upswing. Oh well.. head up.. smile on.. keep swimming.

Oh and?

I swear to pickles.. if Lulu comes over here and starts her Chicken Little crap I'm leaving.

Anywho... if you need me, I'll be sitting over here in the corner squinting at the screen, at least until lunchtime. Just follow the sound of the oldies station down the hall.

We'll talk again soon.

Later Taters!


kenju said...

I promise not to get all chicken little on you, but the florist business isn't doing so hot either. I hope, for both our sakes, that things start to get better soon.

Anonymous said...

Hang in there and stay strong...I hope things will get better for you soon!! Big hugs!!

rennratt said...

I work in construction. While we are still laying people off at the moment, we are seeing a steady change in tide with regards to work.

It didn't drop down hill overnight; it may take time to recover as well.

Keep strong, Mahala. It WILL get better.

Anonymous said...

oh my, why didn't mom win the lottery?


MJ said...

I feel your pain. I'm down to 24 hours now.