Wild Nights and Waller Filled Days

Dinner is done and everyone's winding down for the evening as the sun sets on Frog Pond Holler. I'm hoping for a nice quiet end to the day, last night's parade of emergency vehicles with flashing blue lights and ear piercing sirens (with a chorus of hounds joining in) flying by the house was all the excitement I need for a day or two.

I'm still not clear on the details. Whatever happened was up Fall Branch on a dirt road, over the mountain, across a creek, passed a barn.. and they lost me after that. The scanner was hopping, but because we honest to gawd live in a hole, we only pick up bits and pieces of all the action. From what I've pieced together, there was a body on a porch, unresponsive and "looked beat up." I'm not sure if it was a man or a woman or if that was the same person they ended up flying out on the helicopter. There was also a woman locked in a bedroom at the same house who may or may not have had a shotgun. There was something about "forced entry on my authority" from the Sheriff... hell I don't know. I don't even know for sure if the Sheriff was actually there or calling it in from home.

I suck at keeping up with the scanner gossip. Thelma said she'd get the dirt from her Bubbahubby when he got off duty tonight.

Meanwhile, back at the Asylum everyone's in a wad over our hours being cut, the layoffs and general craptastrophe. Nowadays I don't even try to reason with them. I just tune them out and keep going. I've decided that if Bossman wants to sit back there and act all disgruntled all day, there's not a pea pickin' thing I can do about it. Let him waller.

I can't be responsible for other people's unhappiness.. especially when they seem so feckin' determined to be miserable.


Here's a bit of what was heard around the trailer earlier this evening:

Me: "What do you feel like having for dinner?"

Amazon: "I still can't chew on that side.. how about breakfast? Eggs or something."

Me: "We don't have any kind of breakfast meat. How about you run to the dollar store and pick up some sausage. I'll break it up and cook it down soft... and I'll make grits."

Amazon: "You're gonna make me go out.. that means I'll have to put my bra back on."

Me: "I don't see why, there's no law that says you have to wear a bra just to run down to the dollar store."

Amazon: "There is too... the law of GRAVITY!!"

Don't worry.. I immediately informed her that she would be blogged.

I hope ya'll had a happy Hump Day. This week is almost licked.

We'll talk again soon.

Later Taters!