I hate to be cliche' but..

Thank God it's Friday!

It's been tense here at the Asylum this week, with bismal sales and shut-down rumors. If any of you have ever worked in a factory before, you'll know that there's a constant fear of showing up for work and finding the door chained shut. Lately, those rumors have been fueled by management's request that we all "volunteer" to take an extra day off. I had managed to avoid "volunteering" until yesterday. Bossman cornered me and asked if I could be persuaded to take Monday off. I cringed, I can't afford to be short a day's pay, but then he told me something that I still haven't figured out. He said I could use my vacation time.

I don't mind using it, I have three weeks at my disposal, I just don't see how that's going to help save the company money. If any of you smarter, accounting types out there have any idea, let me know. I'm clueless.

So anywho.. Friday is a little sweeter knowing I'm looking forward to a three day weekend.

Is it sad that all I can think about is all the housework I'll get done?

Ya'll enjoy your Friday.

Later Taters!