Is It Me?

Moooonday Mondaaaaaaaaaaaay... sooo good to meeeee..
Moooonday Mondaaaaaaaaaaaay... it was all I hoped it would beeeeeee..

Yes, I've totally lost my mind. Ya'll knew it was going to happen eventually.

I spent the weekend alternately working on the new project and sleeping. I'm not sure if it's hormones, various ailments or just laziness, but I slept alot. I could sleep some more. Like.. right now.

That probably wouldn't be wise.

Bossman showed up this morning with a big, red skinned patch on his bald little head. When I asked him about it (I had to ask) he smiled and said it was a golfing accident. My imagination has been running wild with possible scenarios all morning.

Bubbles showed up thirty minutes late, didn't bother to call, then spent the next hour on the phone with her parents, Bubbahubby's parents and her one girlfriend. At first I thought someone had died, but later learned that no, the earth shattering news that was bringing civilization to a screeching halt was that Precious the elder got up with a belly ache this morning.

The horror.

Bubbles then called the elementary school, had Precious the elder brought to the office so that she could interrogate her on the phone.

"Is it still hurting? Do you feel like you're going to throw up? If you feel worse you just tell Mommy and I'll come get you. Are you sure it doesn't hurt now? Do you want me to come get you? It's up to you honey, Mommy will come get you if you want? Are you sure you're okay? Now you call me if you decide you want me to come get you. You have them page me and say it's an emergency."

No lie. If Precious is that sick, why did she take her to school? And what's this "it's up to you" bullcrap? The child is in the second grade. Granted, Precious the elder is the most mature acting person in that household, but sheesh.

I'm not a hard ass.. honest. I worried over the Amazon when she was little, hell I worry over her now. Ya'll tell me if I'm wrong (I can take it) but isn't this just a tad bit over the top with the mellow dramatic, attention getting stuff?

I've been thinking alot about Bubbles and the situation in this office lately. There are things that I didn't tell ya'll, things that came to light a few months back. Things that rubbed me raw. In the next few days I'll attempt to share those things with you. It has to do with Babs, Bubbles predecessor and how Bubbles manipulated the GM, me and Thelma to get Babs fired and herself rehired.

The person I thought was my good friend, someone I admired and couldn't wait to work with again turned out to be the most manipulative, underhanded backstabber I'd ever met.

Anywho, right now I've got stuff piled up all over my desk, I'd better get it in gear.

Ya'll make it a good Monday, it only comes once a week.

Later Taters.