Looking Forward to An Uneventful Weekend

It's cold and rainy in the holler this morning. The Amazon is at work, the dogs are in the bed with Ma and the cat thinks she's hiding in the storage cabinet. The house is quiet, but for the police scanner rambling on about some unfortunate soul trying to do himself in with pills and whiskey.

The Amazon and I made a trip to Big City last night. I've been trying for two weeks to get the music kit I need to use my "Ipaidwaytoomuchforthishunkofjunk" cell phone as an MP3 player. First, I ordered it from the official website of my service provider. They sent me the wrong one. One glance at the USB cable and it was evident that "tab A" was not ever going to fit into "slot B." I used their "live help" chat service in an attempt to straighten it out, ended up with.. no lie.. Shaterica.. who was polite and helpful.. in spite of her questionable grammar. Bless her heart, she finally just told me to call customer service.

So I called customer service where I was assured that I could take the package back to any of their stores. We drove to Scary Hillbilly Town last weekend, to the huge, new store bearing the name of my service provider, only to be told that they weren't a REAL store, I needed to go to a corporate location.


Which is how we ended up in Big City last night. I finally got what I needed at a REAL store (gawd.) Since we had driven all that way, I wanted to look around for a cheap affordable computer desk/cart thingie. I've been using an old desk that Ma got off the clearance aisle at Roses for me to do my homework on when I was in elementary school.

For real.

It had metal shelves on one side and I was constantly whacking my chubby little pinky toe on it.

My feet have a rough life ya'll.

So yeah, I decided I was worth the forty bucks to buy a new desk/cart thing. We got home around 9:00 last night, took a little while to catch our breath, then I got in the floor and assembled the cart, moved everything and got myself situated. I justify it to myself by calling it a business investment. It's going to make it alot easier to work on the new "project."

People are making gobs of money on the internet every day. Eventually I'm going to figure out how.

I wanted to thank ya'll for your concern over my foot. It's fine, really. The major charlie horse I've developed by limping on it, is way more painful than the actual cut.

Anywho, there's a sink full of dishes calling my name and I've got a pile of laundry in every room. Not sure how that happens, it's not like I go peeling off clothes all through the house... no wait.. um.. never mind.

Ya'll enjoy your weekend.

Later Taters.