Violence and Inner Peace.. Finding Balance

Around 7:00 or so, the Amazon decided to go in her room and do God only knows what look at jobs on her laptop, so after I ran some hot dishwater and put a few things in to soak, I took advantage of the situation, claimed both couch and remote and began surfing. In the past few days I've mentioned how I'm trying to get my head back to a spiritual place, find inner peace and ya know... stop fantasizing about strangling my co-workers with assorted pieces of office equipment. (Have you ever considered the damage you could do with a hole puncher? I mean, some people go straight for the paper cutter, but taking a heifer down with a hole puncher.. that there is an accomplishment.)

Anywho, I surfed through the channels, past the sitcom reruns, past the game shows, when I heard a voice.. a deep male voice.. Dr. Wayne Dyer. I first discovered Dr. Dyer during a PBS fund drive during a time that I was searching, questioning and trying to figure everything out. It only took about five minutes for me to be completely captivated by everything this man had to say. It was as if the principles he taught, were concepts and ideas that I already knew and only needed to be reminded of. This particular show was a new one, based on his book Change Your Thoughts - Change Your Life: Living the Wisdom of the Tao. I turned the set up a bit and went to the kitchen to finish up those few dishes while I listened, when in walked the Amazon. She plops down on the couch, takes the remote and exclaims, "Kyle XY!"

"Uh no.. Wayne Dyer."

"Excuse me.. it's Monday night, Kyle XY."

"I've not seen this one! WAYNE DYER!"

"Kyle XY," she mutters, grinning as she changes the channel. I walked back over to the sink, washed a few plates and made a few idle threats in her general direction. I'd have put up a fight but I'm sure it'll be back on this weekend, probably before she gets up.

And impaling my child's forehead with the universal remote kinda goes against everything Dr. Dyer teaches.