Counting My Blessings

Oh my gawd, break out the Gold Bond powder cuz it's hotter'n Hades up in this holler. 99° on the porch. The covered porch. I've got some under-boob-sweat cultivating beneath the bodacious tattas and my ankles are swelled up like those floaties you put on the youngins before you toss them in the pool. I may 'splode.

The air conditioner guy never showed up last night, but by this morning the leak was gone. I've been mopping up water for days, rotating towels from the washer to the dryer then to the wet spot in the floor. Last night I put fresh towels down by the leak, but this morning it was still dry. I reasoned that the air temperature must have cooled off last night, causing the ac to run less and generating less moisture, but when I came home at lunch it was already 90° outside and the towels were still bone dry. Ma called the ac guy and cancelled. Do you reckon whatever was stopped up managed to work itself loose?

Of course there is also the possibility that it's still leaking somewhere under the floor and the whole thing is going to rot out in the next few days.

I'll try not to think about that.

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Kristen said...

Darling, I feel your pain. It was 105 in the shade today, and I think my skin was actually starting to melt. Yeech.

We had what sounds like a similar situation with our AC at the old house, 'cept instead of leaking into our place, it leaked under the party wall of our townhouse into the unit next door. Into their living room carpet. For two weeks. And no one told us. It was awesome.