It's Juicy Ya'll

Hey ya'll, guess what?

I have gossip! I'm so happy I could burst, and it's wrong, so very wrong for me to feel this way, but whatever.

Guess who got fired from The Asylum?


What comes 'round, goes 'round. Heh.

In the past two days I've gotten emails from two of my old customers and a phone call from another, all saying, "He's gone! When are you coming back??"

They miss me. What can I say?

Apparently, he was let go because he wasn't going out on sales calls. Hell, I told management numerous times that the only sales trips he was going on were to vendors, not customers. That's not even remotely in the sales manager's job description. The announcement that the GM sent out to the sales reps named the new sales manager and said he would start in two weeks. Obviously, they'd found Gorilla Head's replacement before he was let go.

I can say with confidence that the GM likely had nothing to do with this decision. If anyone said anything to the GM about GH not doing anything to generate sales, they were cut off immediately. The GM believed GH did no wrong and accused us all of attacking his character. I'll bet ya'll it was Dr. B, the German CEO who was behind it.

Would I go back now? Not if I have any say in the matter. I am SO glad to be out of that place. It was a soul sucking, nerve wracking atmosphere and while I miss my buds, I don't miss the bull hockey.

I seriously doubt the Powers that Be would offer me a job again, seeing how they used "a lack of skills" as the reason for me being let go, but if they did, I think I'd have to take it if I wanted to continue to draw unemployment.

So let's just all take a moment to pray, burn a candle, dance around the bonfire naked on the full moon.. whatever it takes to make sure that doesn't happen.

In other news...

I applied and was accepted by a work-from-home CSR company, similar to the one I did before. I just have to pass the background/credit check then I do training for two weeks. It's a little different in that I won't be an employee, but it's a 6 month contract and pays .25 minute for the time you're actually on the phone. I don't know exactly what I'll be selling, but it's for merchandise that's advertised via t.v. or radio commercials. 

Call now for this exciting offer!!

Hey, it's something.. and I don't have to put on pants.

I also applied for a transcription job, but I flunked the test on that one. I'm still poking around and looking at different things to do online. I'll have to work a schedule for the phone job, but I'd like to find something else, data entry or transcription, that I can do on the fly, when the phone hours are scarce.

I went to a much needed doctor's appointment at the Hee Haw clinic yesterday. I needed a primary physician and it was just easier to run down there than to try to find one in Big City. At least now, half my extended family doesn't work there. When I went before, after we first moved here, Aunt Moses would be calling Ma to find out why my car was at the clinic, then Ma would be calling up to The Asylum, leaving messages on my phone asking me what was wrong. In the mean time, Aunt Moses would call her sister-in-law at the clinic to see if I was dying or pregnant.

It always had to be one or the other.

I liked the new doctor. At least he's from the south and he speaks our language. Looking at my charts, he said, "So ya smoke a little bit."

"Yeah. I had quit for like 3 weeks, then everything happened (we'd already been over the shit storm that has been my life) and I just didn't care anymore."

"Well my gawd, your nerves had to be bad."

I laughed. A doctor that understands that down here, "general anxiety disorder" translates to "my nerves are bad."

I think we'll get along just fine.

I had to go back this morning to visit the vampires in the lab. At midnight tonight my insurance expires. I think I've found some other options that will work for me. Fingers crossed.

That's all I've got for now. I'm going to run to the pharmacy and get as many prescriptions filled as I can. Maybe it'll hold me over until I get insurance.

Ya'll have a kick ass week! We'll talk again soon. Later Taters!!!