Gorilla Head

At 3pm Monday, it became official. The Germans now own The Asylum. Yesterday they announced the hire of the new sales manager, Gorilla Head. Ya'll remember Gorilla Head, the former sales rep who worked here for a whole 24 hours before getting axed for trying to work here while staying on the payroll at his rep firm, then called our corporate office and basically said I was an idiot and useless.

Today is his first day. I am so medicated, I've got chubby winged cherubs riding rainbows out my ass.

When I first found out, I was all to pieces. But now, I'm channeling my inner badass.

I got this new tv thing at home where I can watch basic cable over the internet for $20 a month. I watched reruns of Intervention all day Sunday and noticed that most of the people on there had turned to self destruction after being abused, sexual and otherwise, in their childhoods. It got me to thinking, I've been through some chit ya'll and yet.. I keep going

I'm a strong woman.

I ain't afraid of no Gorilla Head.

Stay tuned!

Later Taters