The Light at the End of the Tunnel

I've got time for a quick update, details coming soon!

The German invasion of The Cubicle Asylum was successful. There was one German, the CEO of the new company. A tall, somewhat attractive older man, with a kind smile who likes his coffee strong and his people to work hard and be happy.

The new crew also brought Gorilla Head in sales. He was here for two days and will return on Monday. During his brief visit, he hacked phlegm, churned snot and gagged all over my office. The saving grace of disinfectant spray delivered me from getting the full fledged crud.

The GM's office is now occupied by a little gnome of a feller, a pudgy, happy little man who is, bless his heart, doing his best to figure out how in the hell we did business for so long with so little to work with.

They have all made lots of promises. Time will tell if they follow through.

No more does Twatwaffle screech down the hall, constantly clicking her pen in frustration or breathe down my neck. She was not part of the deal. She was offered a position with the new company, but opted to stay with the tyrannical bastids that ruled over us for the past 20 years.

Our 401K accounts were frozen as of August 16th, so the current stock market craziness hasn't effected our stash and... I'm cashing in. It looks like by this time next week, my house will be paid off, the back taxes will be taken care of and.. maybe.. I'll have enough left to get a riding lawn mower.

This means, I'll be able to afford heating oil for the winter and I'll be able to like.. actually pay my bills. I'll be able to live on what I make. By "live," I mean, buying groceries and not constantly worrying about the electricity or the water being cut off.

I feel like there is hope and at the same time, I'm afraid to be happy.

I'll work on that.

I PROMISE there will be more details soon. I have to tell you about TW's latest family drama, stuff I heard from Gorilla Head's former assistant and back at the trailer, new critters!

We'll talk soon ya'll.

Later Taters!


Teressa Welch said...

*Jumps up and down, shrieks with happiness*.

Awesomeness all around! So happy for you I could cry!

kenju said...

Very pleased to know you can see light at the end of the tunnel.

Can't wait for the rest of the stories.

Rennratt said...

I am in (happy) tears right now. I have wanted this for you for SO long, and it's lovely to finally see it happen. I pray that the new bosses continue to be kind and generous, and that they SEE what a fantastic employee they have in you.

tiff said...

Oh happy day!!!

Anonymous said...

Yay!!!! Things are looking up. So glad to hear good news. Lostinthecube

poopie said...

things are looking a bit better on the lane too. keep the faith ^j^

Celia said...

OMG, I was so worried for you. Hooray!! Hope things get gooder and gooder for you,

Travel said...

I hope things are going well.

BetteJo said...

Sounds wonderful! I understand the hesitation to be happy - but hell - enjoy it if you can! Maybe it's just damn time!