My new boss started yesterday and was fired today, but I'll get to that later.

Twatwaffle kept insisting that she needed to contact the reps to reassure them that "we" had everything under control. I told her I'd already talked to all of them, but she just had to stick her nose in it. After referring to Sparkles as the "formal" sales manager and going on and on about her accomplishments, she had this to say:

" I ask that each of you continue to Push and Sale our product.  You bring us the orders and we will make a Quality Product in a Timely Manner with Service Support. 


 I am a true believer in TEAM WORK!   My contact information is below. Please feel free to contact me at anytime if you have concerns. "

Now I know I'm the queen of typos, especially on my phone, but this was sent in a professional capacity and frankly, embarrassing.

I doubt her email made anyone want to run out and represent our company. We are doomed.

Later Taters.

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kenju said...

Big mistake, IMO.

Celia said...

Ha, ha!

Teressa Welch said...

*head desk*

Significant Snail said...

Why that there is a genuine edu-ma-cated lady! Said no one, ever. How is it that people like that get where they are? Sleep with someone? Related to someone? Lie, cheat and steal? With skills like hers, she could write for our local newspaper/online news feed. I don't know what they teach in journalism classes these days...certainly not spelling, grammar, sentence structure or anything relevant.

BetteJo said...