Be Suspicious of Oprah-like Behaviors By Management

My new work puter didn't come this week, but SOON! With the new puter comes new mirroring software so that my new supervisor (one of our sales reps, who is very loud and talkative, starting 4/16) can see everything I'm doing on my puter at any given moment.

This is why the old GM made like Oprah right before he got fired, "EVERYONE GETS A COMPUTER!!!"

We should have known.

Anyway, so now, I'm trying to figure out what I can and can't access with my phone. Thank God I got a new one.. just in time (99 cent special.)

There is no 2,3 or 4G in the holler. So far, Bitstrips is a no go. Facebook works intermittently, Twitter seems to function okay. There's no way can I blog on that tiny keyboard.

Hopefully the new guy will be out on sales calls a lot.

Anywho.. More this weekend.

Later Taters!