Winchester The Bunny

Bunny Update (because I'm totally gonna be the crazy bunny lady:)

Winchester is chillin' in a dog crate next to the bunny run. He seems excited to see Reginald and Reggie's been laying next to where the crate is. There has been some sniffing. Winchester is confined to the crate until he gets neutered on Thursday and a few days recovery time. In the meantime, I'm rearranging the porch and lining the railing with chicken wire so that when the time comes, they can have a safe place to get to know each other without the nosey pups. For the time being, I've got a section of plastic picket fence over the entrance to the steps and ramp, to eventually be replaced with walk through doggie gates from World O'Wally.

The listing for Winchester said he was an English Lop mix, but he doesn't have long ears. The lady at the shelter said they thought he was part Flemish Giant because of his coloring, but he's not very big, even for four months. He looks like the wild bunnies, descendants of Pocco, that frolic in the yard.

All of that aside, he loves snuggles and will curl up under your neck for as long as you'll hold him and that's all that matters to me.

I need more snuggles in my life. **

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kenju said...

I need some snuggles too, but bunny poop is enough to make me shy away...