The Past Few Days

I Worked

Sunday was stretchy pants day on the jammy job. That's when the specials are way over priced stretchy pants that drive little old women wild. It's back to back calls of shame and disappointment. It's a day full of otherwise stable middle aged females with high normal standards, turning into cussing, insulting crazies because we sold out of 3X petite two hours earlier and OMG they had a coupon. Then we have to review all the measurements of the 2X petite while they whip out their tape measure and ask us if we think they can squeeze into them. They are, after all, stretchy.

It was a long day.

I Plumbed

I snaked the tap. I poured two bottles of Liquid Plumber down the hole. Today I followed it up with a bottle of Liquid Fire, which turned out to be $10 worth of sulfuric acid.

It's still not moving.

I Sold Stuff

Stretchy pants aside, I sold an old book and some earring charms. I'm slowly adding jewelry making supplies to the Etsy stash. I order them from overseas in large quantities then sell them in my shop. It takes about 2 weeks to get a shipment in, but I can turn around and have them to my customers in days, so it's win win.

I Maimed Myself

Ayla stole a cat food can lid from the trash and hid it under my craft table. I found it with my foot. There was lots of blood. Luckily I am a trained professional. Pressure and elevation finally stopped the bleeding. I've not had my foot that high over my head in a non-recreational capacity in some years. It probably could have used a couple of stitches, but it'll live.

And Today I'm Resting

Squatting over the sewer tap for some hours while I went all swirly with the snake sprained my upper thigh muscles and probably some important parts in my girly bits area. Between that, the foot maiming and my other wonky heal that still flares up from time to time, I've developed a gait like that of Quasimodo if he had club feet and was shackled to a cinder block he was forced to drag behind him.

My sexy... you wish you had it.

So I'm hitting the ibuprofen and crocheting a baby blanket for The Amazon's childhood friend. If I can stay awake.

I'm taking off Friday and the following Tuesday, so I'm looking forward to five days of not being at The Asylum. I might get some stuff done. I might not do a damned thing. Haven't decided.

Ya'll take care, we'll talk again soon.

Later Taters!!!


kenju said...

You GO girl!!

b.fez said...

What Kenju said!

Lost in the Cube said...

Enjoy that long weekend! And my advice is "Don't do a damn thing"