Humpin' in The Holler


A light snow fell in Frog Pond Holler Saturday night, leaving the ground with a light dusting, like powdered sugar on warm gingerbread. It also turned cold. Very cold.

I am no longer bitching constantly asking "where's winter?" I found it. Good Gawdalmighty.

Things have been kinda busy around the trailer, with Christmas and the two jobs and all the critters and the shopping and ...... well ya'll get the idea.

I just mailed pressies to the Long Lost Daughter house today. Seeing how they didn't make it to the post office until six days past Christmas, I'd say they're gonna be late. I asked the cocky chick at the post office if she had like.. a time machine or some crap.. but she said no.

Ya'll will be happy to hear that life at The Asylum has taken a complete turn from the time of Bossholio's reign. We laugh. We yack. We get stuff done. No one gets mad. It's like The Twilight Zone, without the creepy music.

Speaking of music, I can listen to the radio at my desk again. It makes me happy.

I've gotten in the habit of bringing the bunnies in on Saturdays to let them romp around the living room. I bring their little pewp box in and so far, there have been very, very few accidents. I put their blanket in the floor and they hop around and hang out. Occasionally Cicero will lower his head, thump and charge at Yoda, sending the little yapper scurrying across the kitchen floor with his eyeballs bugged out so far they look like they may go shooting out of his head.

Cracks. Me. Up.

The cat keeps an eye on them, but has no desire to get anywhere near them and Sammy doesn't care what's going on, as long as he has someone to scootch his hairless butt up to.

Ayla has to stay outside during bunny time.

I still haven't managed to get them to the vet and I know I'm pushing my luck. Two males sharing a hutch are probably going to fight eventually, if we don't go for the snip-snip pretty soon. Knowing this, I wasn't surprised, but yet still amused when I looked down to see Cicero stretched out on the floor snoozing, then Reginald casually hopping atop him and doing the bunny hump with a passion.

"Pssst T.A.," I said, pointing to the lurid display of brotherly love taking place right in front of the Christmas tree.

"What.. what.. NO NO NO!" T.A. lept to her feet, scaring the urge right out of Reginald, picking him up to her face and scolding him. "That is very naughty. It's okay if you want to hump another boy bunny, but not your brother, that's just gross."

That's my kid.


It's New Year's Eve and I'm an hour and a half in to a 3 hour shift with the "Over-priced-crap-you-can-prolly-get-cheaper-at-Wallyworld-but-not-on-a-payment-plan" company. I'm trying to get 6-9 M-F, or as close to it as I can. 15 hours a week should be enough to keep the lights on and stop any more collection agency calls. Plus, I'll still have my weekends to do other stuff... or pick up some extra hours here and there.

We'll see how it all works out.

When the clock strikes nine, I'll feed critters.. maybe nuke some soup or something.. and stretch out in front of the bewb tube. Tomorrow, my only plan is to take my $50 gift card (from Sparkles!) to the OrganiHippyMart for groceries, then come home to lay around.

I have loads of other crap to do, but laying around is all that's getting done. And a 3 hour shift tomorrow night.. but that's working on my butt in fluffy pj pants..

I want to wish all Ya'll a big ol' Happy New Year direct from Frog Pond Holler. Be careful, drive safe and if you plan to bump uglies with Mr. (or Miss) Right Now be sure to wrap that rascal.

Later Taters!