Of Sharpies, Pillow Cases and Little Golden Books

Lord willin' and the creek don't rise.. as we say in the holler.. I hope to have my Etsy shop back up and running soon. With all the mama drama it was just too much to try to keep up with that, move everything from the girl cave back to the trailer and have my fifteen nervous breakdowns, so I put it in vacation mode until I could get all my crap under control.

Since stuff is kinda tight right now, what with Ma taking a big chunk of the household income with her to Shady Pines, I've been trying to think of some new products to sell that I wouldn't have to spend much moolah to make. As I've cleaned out her closet (mostly junque she obtained while working for Aunt Moses, then piled up in every corner of her room.. some might call it "hoarding".. ahem.. ) I've found a stash of possible crafty supplies:

  • Picture frames, minus the glass or backings
  • A ginormous stack of plastic canvas
  • Enough pillow cases to supply a chain of hotels for a year
  • Little Golden Books, mostly ripped and/or scribbled upon

I might make earring holders with the frames. I have some hardware fabric left over from my screen door project. I may not even sell those, I might use them to organize my earring inventory. I don't know. We'll see.

I've got gobs of sari fabric scraps left over that I've wanted to bead and make something other than pillows with. I'm thinking bangles.. with plastic canvas strips covered in fabric.. might be cute huh? The canvas would give them enough structure without being too stiff.

I think the pillow cases (and possibly some t-shirts) have a future as shopping totes. I have a pattern for nice lined bags using pillow cases. Goodwill sells t-shirts for a buck fifty a piece, I'm thinking I could make some quickie, unlined, more practical than attractive shopping bags with those, selling them in sets of three or four. Maybe I'll tie dye them using that Sharpie technique I saw on Pinterest.

Maybe the kiddie books.. the covers at least.. might make cute little nursery clocks. Maybe even put them in the frames. I dunno.

Also.. I have the mother load of polymer clay stashed in the girl cave and I found a box of Insta-mold stuff at Goodwill for two bucks. So yeah.. THERE WILL BE CRAFTING!!!!!!


I'd better go pretend to work before Sunshine gets all testy.

Ya'll have a good one. Later Taters!

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kenju said...

You sure do have a lot of ideas! Good luck that some will be money-makers.

Mahala said...

Thanks! We'll see. Worst case, I end up with a ginormous stash of shopping bags to give as Christmas gifts lol.

BetteJo said...

And y'know those old books you find at Good Will? Well, the ones that aren't interesting will sell too. Just rip the covers off, tie the stack of pages with pretty ribbon or twine and sell it as craft supplies. Just look - you can sell it.