Circus Folk and Whispered Answers

Lawrence the Camel
Lawrence the Camel

It's overcast and kinda bleh in Frog Pond Holler today. I've got a ginormous pot of turtle beans on the stove, future veggie burgers, and the washing machine is going full speed. I would lay around and take it easy today,  seeing how it's a holiday and all, but I spent yesterday in a Benedryl induced coma.

Me and The Amazon went to the circus Thursday night, in sorta celebration of her birthday. She brought Boy Wonder along, whom Ayla greeted with a super nut punch, sending him to his knees.

My dogs have no manners.

It was a tiny circus, the kind that smells of popcorn, poop and desperation. It had one tent and a hand full of people who ran around like crazy from selling souvenirs to performing to moving equipment. I think I smiled the whole time I was there. Well, except for when they brought out the snake. I could have lived without that, especially sitting on makeshift bleachers in the dark with grass under my feet.  I managed to get a couple of pictures before my camera battery died. Next time I'll be better prepared.

Circus Horse
Circus Horsey

Saturday I went to visit Ma, stopping at Goodwill on the way. I found some old storage jars, the kind with the metal latchy bit, 2 quart sized, for three dollars a piece. I picked up a few pairs of pants for work too and some postal scales (for a DOLLAR!) not a bad haul.

I've been working, slowly, on getting moved into Ma's old bedroom. I've had a lot of mixed feelings as I go through her things, deciding what to put in storage and what to give away. I worried that I'd go to all this trouble and then she'd get better and they'd send her home.. THEN what would I do? So then, I'd feel guilty hoping she didn't get well enough to come home.. which is kinda screwed up.

I've been really torn through this whole thing.

Earlier in the week, during a particularly emotional time, I sat at my desk and just asked The Universe, God, Big Ernie.. whoever.. to give me some kind of assurance that this was what I needed to be doing.

My head knows it is, it's the rest of me that's having a hard time.

So when I visited Ma on Saturday and as I started to leave she hugged me and said, "Now don't you worry about me. I'm doing a lot better here than I thought I would. It's such a relief to not worry about falling or not being able to get to the bathroom on time. I'm right where I need to be."

So I bawled some more when I got to the truck, because I know someone whispered in her ear and told her I needed to know that.

I get the weepies all the time anymore. I'm wondering if I need to call the Noggin Doc for a tune up.


Bossholio is having surgery on Friday, then he'll be out for at least a week to recover, so his misfortune is a nice little break for me. I didn't bother asking him what kind of surgery he was having, I'm done trying to show the man any compassion or kindness. He obviously doesn't expect it or he'd show a little himself.

I smell the beans cooking, I'd better go check on them. Ya'll have a good one. We'll talk again soon.

Later Taters!

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