The Big R and the Ty D Bol Man

The rumor mill at The Cubicle Asylum is swirling all twister-like after a hastily planned visit from the CEO last week.

Normally, Big R visits early in the week, making his rounds around to everyone in the building, following the GM and telling everyone good morning, pretending that he remembers all the employees names while we all know he just waits for the GM to greet them first, thus creating the illusion of give-a-shits.

Because apparently, we're all dumb as doorknobs.


This time, Big R planned his visit for Friday, when there wouldn't be anyone working but me, Bossholio and Jasper.. which was weird. He came on the premise of wanting to talk to Bossholio about our biggest customer and how to increase sales. Which, by the way, have been so far in the toilet the Ti D Bowl Man couldn't dig them out.

He flew in to Big City, drove an hour to the holler and spent about 30 minutes stating the obvious with Bossholio after touring the building. It was a total farce. The following Monday, Andy and Festus, the floor supervisors, were told to make sure they kept everything clean and organized, including making sure Darla keept the yard mowed and the weeds eated, because there would be an "inspector" coming down from corporate to look at the property.

Last night there were calls between supervisors and office peeps as they pieced together parts of the puzzle. They came to the conclusion that:

  • The GM is fixin' to retire 
  • We're supposedly not making any money
  • They probably don't want to pay another GM to work two plants, including one in the holler, 10 miles west of BFE
  • So we're probably getting sold
Lulu and I agree that if it is sold, it's probably a blessing in disguise. There's a chance we can get better jobs with another company without having to leave. Of course, there's also the chance that the property will be sold to a hotel chain or something and we'll get hired on to scrub toilets until we're 72.. but whatever. I tend to wonder if this doesn't all have to do with having the property appraised for tax purposes. Everyone just got re-assessed this year here in Hee-Haw county so they might just be planning to appeal it.

Who knows?

I'd like to think I'm going to end up with an awesome new job. Gotta embrace change. Things can't improve if they don't change.

In other news...

Ma's improving, knock on wood. More on that later, taters.

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Judy (kenju) said...

Good luck with that. If they sell, I hope you can be retained with better pay.

BetteJo said...

Those are the things that strike fear in most employees hearts. I'm hoping for GREAT news and opportunities for you!