Hello Kitty and Wonky Molars

Ya'll remember all the problems I've had with the wonky molars over the past couple of years? Well, a few days ago, I had the final lone soldier, the one bottom molar I've had worked on three times yanked from my face after I.. and these are the dentist's words.. "Split'er like a log."

Apparently I grind, clench or try to pull vehicles with my teeth in my sleep. He said he'd seen people split one or maybe two but I was the first one he'd seen who had split every single bottom molar.

I should have gotten a prize.. a medal or a sucker or somechit. But no.

The molar put up a fight. It didn't want to go. Oh yeah and I had a bad spell of anxiety right before, during and after the ripping of said body part from my person. It's hard to convince a dentist and his assistant that you're fine and not in pain when you've got tears streaming down your face, half of which is filled with Novocaine.

A memorable time was had by all.

The drugs wore off around the time I hit the drug store for my antibiotics, because, as the dentist put it, "That sucker was fixin' to blow up on ya." Silly me told him not to bother with pain meds, I could tough it out with some Tylenol. Of course, I was boohooing as I said it so I'm not sure why in the hell he believed me. It took forever to get my prescription filled, so I bought some ice packs and some Hello Kitty hand soap while I waited.

I don't even like Hello Kitty. I blame the pain.

I made the forty minute drive to The Asylum from Scary Hillbilly Town with an ice pack wrapped in a baby blue bandanna held to the side of my face, because I've give up all hope of retaining any of my city girl ways and succumbed to the ways of the hillfolk.

It feels better today, but it's still sore. I had a big knot on my jaw until this morning. I'm pretty sure it was infected. I'm more grossed out by the stitch that's sticking out of it than anything else. It has a gag factor of about 8.

That's all for now. I can tell that ya'll are in awe of my sexiness. I don't want you to become overwhelmed.

Ya'll have a good one. We'll talk again soon.

Later Taters.

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tiff said...




Judy (kenju) said...

I am so sorry. Having had many dental problems in the past, I can truly feel your pain. Hope it mends soon.

BetteJo said...

Hello Kitty? That's some scary stuff Mahala!