Hump Bustin', Bunny Movin' and Rosie O'Donnell

The thermometer says it's 50 degrees in Frog Pond Holler, but I swear it feels 20 degrees cooler. I think the weather is broken. At least it's not raining again. There's a guy up the road with a sump pump running 24/7 just to get the water out of his yard.


I busted my hump Saturday. I moved Lola to the shower bunny hutch, complete with skylight and removed the shower door.. with TOOLS and crap. I rearranged stuff, swept, dusted and cleaned the mud encrusted blinds in the living room. If you call it a living room. What would you call the front area behind the driver's seat in a home that is technically a vehicle? It's not really a room... exactly. Communal area? Lounging compartment? Where the couch is?


I also started on some curtains. They're a dark purple, almost blue, with a paisley print. And some flowers. And polka dots.

Don't judge me. I love my Goodwill rag pickin' fabric.

Then yesterday? I slept. I couldn't stop sleeping. If I even got still, I was snoozin'. I think the medical term is "Lazinus Assinus."

On a totally different subject, what the hell happened to the fabulous new Rosie O'Donnell show on OWN? It was GREAT. And now she's doing all these one on one interviews with celebrities, talking about their screwed up childhoods and how they've over come this and that.

Hellfire, I get enough of that chit in my own life. After a long day at The Cubicle Asylum with Bossholio, I need to come home and laugh. I guess I'll be watching Dharma and Greg reruns instead.


I've got brown rice, chicken tattas and some veggies simmering on the stove and I really should be ironing my curtain hems so I can get them hung... so that'll be all for now.

I hope ya'll had an awesometastic Monday. At least it's over.

Later Taters!

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tiff said...

Call it the Lounge and be done.

My 2 bits. :)

Anonymous said...

That's funny - I think the Rosie show is a lot better now that she's toned things down a bit. But I only get to listen in on XM Radio - I don't have cable - so I must be missing some crucial funniness without the visuals.

Sounds like the lounge (?) hippy van (?) is really coming along! I think you should call the whole thing the "master bedroom" :)


BetteJo said...

Rosie and me have a feud going on. One day I'll let her know.