Hoarder's Paradise

Yoda the Chihuahuaranian was having an emotional breakdown this morning. The battery was low in the smoke alarm, causing it to beep. Apparently T.A.'s solution was to throw the smoke alarm out on the porch, but Yoda could still hear it which caused him great distress and forced him to do his Lassie imitation at the butt crack of dawn, running from bedroom to bedroom, whining, dancing and barking.

If I ever fall down a well, Yoda will be the man with the plan. In the meantime, he's a royal pain in the ass.

I went on an adventure Saturday morning. My goal was to find a source of uber cheap, second hand bed sheets to use to make crocheted rag rugs. While trying to find a new thrift store on the west side of town over in Big City, I somehow ended up at the bead store way over on the other end. I figured it was a sign from The Universe and ended up spending $20 bucks on heart shaped beads, bone carved crosses and evil eye protection thingies.

I love the bead store. It is smothered in awesome sauce.

After a billion wrong turns, some four letter words and a crap load of wasted gas, I finally found the thrift store. They didn't have squattola, but the girl running the place was full of information. She suggested I go the Goodwill, but I explained that I'd tried there before. The Big City Goodwill charges way too much for stuff.
"Nooooo, you're doing it wrong. You have to go to the back, there are bins full of fabric!"

Do what?

So I went to the Goodwill, drove around back, found a separate entrance I never knew existed and found this:


It's all by the pound. I bought 14 pounds of sheets and other large pieces of fabric for about $15. I've got enough rug making stuff to last through the winter. I also grabbed a few old nighties and hankies with plans to steal the lace off of them for assorted projects.

Oh yeah. And a book. I paid $2 for a children's book form 1920. I love old books with awesome old illustrations.

The Amazon didn't seem impressed with my haul. She eyed my stack of old sheets suspiciously. I think she's afraid I'm going to start hoarding.

Dang. A girl makes one big haul from the rag pickin' bins at the Goodwill and people get all judgy.

Last night I finished up a rug that I'd made from some sheets I already had. I hope to get it listed tonight. If I get enough made up, I might take them to town one Saturday morning and see if I can sell some to the tourists. There's sort of a tailgate market down by the post office on weekends with local crafts, canned yummies and fresh produce.

After I got the new rug blocked, I worked on some earrings. I got one pair done and although they just about did me in, I started another.

I'm tired today ya'll. It was a busy weekend.. and kinda depressing. I'm sort of glad it's over.

Today starts a new week Let's see if the wind blows any good changes our way.

Ya'll have a good one.

Later Taters!

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