Drag Queens, Slithery Things and Daydreams

I really should be outside mowing the yard or weeding the garden instead of lying here in front of the a.c., but it's like 90 out there. 

Boob sweat weather has officially arrived in Frog Pond Holler. Other things have arrived too, as is evidenced in this IM I received from The Amazon today:

T.A.: A crackhead just used our shovel to kill a snake in front of the house, so don't flip out when you come home.

Apparently the crackhead, who I should know but don't, felt all chivalrous and stuff so he grabbed our shovel and beat the living shineola out of a harmless black snake just before it slithered into our yard, then proudly knocked upon our door, waking sleeping beauty The Amazon at the ungodly hour of like.. 2pm... who has a fondness for snakes by the way, causing doubt that she was formed in my uterus...to tell her of his brave deed. 

I suspect that it didn't go over very well.

And now you have reason number #2 that I am not outside mowing, weeding or otherwise communing with nature. 

There's a three day weekend coming up. I'll get out early one day before it gets too hot and git r' done. Hopefully by then the turkey vultures will have carried our dearly departed guest off to the woods somewhere to munch on.


Don't you hate when you put your hair up in a ponytail first thing in the morning, then give it a spritz with some super lacquer hairspray leftover from 1984, then leave it up all day, taking it down after work to find that you look like Martin Sheen in drag?

Not Martin Sheen IN drag, Martin Sheen with some fabulous drag queens.

Me too!

Most of ya'll know I'm horse crazy. I'd pretty much given up on ever going riding again, but recently acquired tastes for fat free cottage cheese and turkey wienies have given me hope that someday I might just climb on the back of a horse.

The other day, someone posted a link to this video on Twitter and I've watched it a gazillion times, daydreaming of that day.


Later Taters!!