The Asylum, The Critters and The Rest

Lawd ya'll. Where to begin...

Let's start with The Asylum: 
Yes I'm still here. I scour the job sites every day, sometimes twice a day and apply where I can. I've sent resumes to other factories, waste disposal companies and parts distributors. None of those are my ideal job, but what the hell, anything has to be better than this. I spend my days trying to bust a nut under Bossholio's thumb while Lulu talks on the phone with her kinfolk and finds time for two leisurely wilderness strolls daily. The GM's secretary cracks open a trashy paperback each day at 3:30, takes off whenever the wind blows up her skirt and also seems to find the time to talk on to her mom, her dad, her brother and her sister's youngins.

All day long.

It's difficult for me not to develop a serious attitude problem.

Meanwhile, back at the trailer:
Ma is doing pretty good. She gets around with her walker, so I don't worry as much that she'll fall while she's there alone and as an added bonus, I can hear her coming down the hall. She's actually been almost easy to get along with most of the time.

The Amazon is still looking for a new job, but she's been getting extra hours down at the Pump N' Go, so that helps.

The cat, known mostly as just "Kitty" has gotten so fat, she's developed a "butt belly." She demands to be fed several times a day and if you refuse, she attacks someone.. usually The Amazon. It's not really appropriate to laugh when it happens, but then, propriety has never been a big concern of mine. I gotta get my entertainment where I can.

Ayla outgrew her bed, a leftover couch cushion, but when I looked at extra large dog beds, the price was a little ridunkulous. I read on the internet, because everything on the internet is true somewhere that used crib mattresses made ideal dog beds for large breeds, so I set out to find one. I ended up spending a small fortune in gas trying to locate a $10 used crib mattress, so I eventually just bought a new one at Wally World. $36 was way cheaper than what they wanted for really big dog beds and Ayla can stretch out to air her bits if she feels compelled. It takes up most of my bedroom floor, but I prop it up against the wall during the day, so it's not a big deal.

Sammy has settled into sweet old man mode, sleeping most of the time and wanting a warm body to scootch his butt up to, which we oblige. Yoda is still hyper and kinda grumpy, although he's chilled out a little since his last visit to the vet, where he had a couple of bad teeth removed.

The dog gets better dental care than I do.

And me?
Aside from work and trying to find new work, I play around with my Etsy shop, cook, clean and sleep. Lately, it's mostly sleep. I've been in the throws of an "episode," with achy muscles and swollen joints, probably brought on by my latest bout with the crud. I go back to Dr. Sexypants, the rheumatologist, in a couple of weeks, where I'm sure we'll discuss the FDA decision to take colchicine off the market. Apparently it's never been through the approval process. There will be an alternative available, a brand name made by a big pharmaceutical company that will charge substantially more than the $4 for a 30 day supply I pay now.

I'm sorry.. but does it seem to anyone else that our "progress" in healthcare is moving backwards? The decision to remove the generic drug from the market so that we can pay more for THE SAME THING with a different name seems sort of, I dunno, STUPID.

But what do I know...


If you've looked at my shop and wondered if I'm ever going to put anything else in it, rest assured, I've got supplies coming in from all over. Feathers from California, sari fabric from India and some super soft yarn from Wisconsin. I also picked up some unbleached muslin at a funky little shop in Big City when I went to Dr. Opie for my crud cure. I'll let ya'll try to figure out what it's all for.

As for now, I gotta keep Bossholio happy, so I'll probably work through lunch and bust a hump for the rest of the day. Thank goodness it's Friday ya'll.

We'll talk again soon.

Later Taters!



tiff said...

The news about Ma is the best!! Hooray!

Marilyn said...

I lost count of the resumes and applications I have sent out. I really thought I had mad skills and would be a catch for any employer, but I guess maybe not.
At the end of summer I'll have a bunch of white peacock feathers. Message me your address and I'll send them.

Mahala said...

White peacock feathers?? AWESOME! And I know what you mean about sending out all the resumes and applications. It's hard not to get discouraged, but hang in there :)

kenju said...

What Tiff said - and I wonder how much the big pharma company paid the generic company to take it off the market??

BetteJo said...

Good news about your ma, but whatcha gonna do with those feathers? And unbleached muslin?

Anonymous said...

I am glad to here things are at least a little calmer for now. I feel you on the medicine, I have one that there is no generic for and I hate paying that extra but gotta have it. Good luck on the job hunt. I have my fingers crossed for ya.