Oh Thursday How I Loathe Thee...

Let me count the ways:

  1. I woke up to face a dark, black abyss where the glowing red numbers of my digital clock usually reside. Luckily my Crackberry alarm was going off.
  2. But my Crackberry wasn't fully charged. After further investigation, it was determined that Pupzilla entertained herself in the wee hours of the night, playing with the extension cord under my dresser. She managed to unplug the clock and chew through the charger cord for my phone. 
  3. A new charger from the Verizon store in Scary Hillbilly Town was going to be over $30. But I can't drive to Scary Hillbilly Town, see number 5.
  4. I can order a new charger for $5 from Amazon, but to have it rush shipped is $30. 
  5. The tires that were back ordered two weeks ago and were supposed to ship on the 19th, did not. I emailed the company and was told that they were "hopeful" that they would be shipped in "the next few weeks."
  6. I convinced T.A. to drive to Scary Hillbilly Town after work to get a charger for my phone, but when I tried to check my account to make sure I still HAD $30 for a $2 piece of wire, the site for my bank was down for maintenance. 
  7. Yoda pooped in the floor.
  8. My long distance, puter based, sorta relationship kinda guy-friend-thingie wrecked his SUV yesterday morning. He's ok.. he says.. but.. well.. lets just add that to the list.
  9. T.A. says she thinks she's getting sick.
  10. Yesterday I applied for a job at a bank. I once swore I'd scrub toilets in a men's prison infirmary before I'd work at a bank again. I love my job THAT much.
In other news, Ma is on the mend, for which I'm thankful. Meds are being changed, mental health professionals are being consulted, there is a light at the end of the tunnel.

I ended up finding a new charger for my phone at the Dollar General for $8. God bless you Dollar General.

I found four slightly lower quality tires for a bit more money in Scary Hillbilly Town, but I won't have to pay for shipping and I get a $100 rebate. T.A. is going to go pick them up after work. The company I placed the original order with has been notified to cancel my order. Don't buy tires from online companies who are named after Star Trek species that rhyme with MULCAN.

It's only 1:26 PM. It ain't over yet and I don't feel like singing.

Later Taters.