One of the psychiatrists from the hospital called yesterday to ask me how long Ma had been battling depression. She was considering releasing her from the hospital with plans for out patient therapy. When I finished being a big tattle-tale, Ma was admitted to the psych ward for a short stay against her will.

The Amazon has been walking around muttering, "So mad. She's gonna be so mad," ever since.

I called the nurse's station last night, resulting in a giant knot in my gut when the nurse said Ma was upset because she didn't understand why she was there. I'm not sure if it was the guilt knot or the onions on the salad I'd had earlier, but last night turned into a barf fest of epic proportions.

I suck at being the grown up.

I'm still sending my resume around, but I'm being picky. T.A. is trying to get on at the hospital in the evenings. It would mean alot more money for her, benefits and a little taste of life outside the holler.

So yeah. That's how things are now. 

We'll get caught up with other stuff sometime this week. In the meantime, ya'll have a good one.

Later Taters!!



tiff said...

do NOT NOT NOT feel bad. This had to happen, I hope you know that. Take these moments to relish the peace and get grounded again. Me will be fine, and you will the better for having your home YOURS for a moment.

Anonymous said...

I had a friend who had to sign to have her mom committed against her will. Her dad refused to help with anything, because he said he knew she'd be mad at him for it. They all knew that she'd take her anger out on him anyway, even if he didn't sign, because he was the one around all the time. (I think he became battle weary after so long.) Her symptoms were similar (hallucinations that involved her reacting in the real world to them, although hers were related to things that happened when she was a child) and kept progressing, so something had to be done. I'm glad to hear that you aren't too battle weary to get your mom the help she needs. It's difficult to do things like this, but hopefully they help in the end.

kenju said...

You did the right thing, Mahala, so don't feel bad at all!

rennratt said...

Let me be the echo here. You did the right thing. Being a grown up sucks, and sometimes that extends to our parents.

Love to you and TA; may you both find a job with better pay, benefits and satisfaction.

b.fez said...

ditto, ditto, ditto, ditto.