Looking Forward to Monday. It's That Bad.

Sunny Creek 001

It's been a crazy weekend. Literally.

I took this shot of the creek that winds it's way through town while out on my walk with Pupzilla Saturday morning. She met some bikers and tourists, exchanged smooches with some old folks, then we sat out in front of the Pump N' Go with The Amazon while business was slow and chit chatted about everyone in town.

When I got back home, Ma accused me of running off to town for a little slap and tickle rendezvous.

I wasn't gone an hour.

Then, she woke us up around 3, telling me and  T.A. to get up, there was a man having sex with some dogs out in the yard under the locust tree. Needless to say, that mental image, combined with hearing her wander around the house all hours, pretty much ruled out any chance of sleep for me.

Today, as T.A. entertained some college friends from G'boro, Ma decided to come sit in the kitchen and welcome them. Sometimes, Ma goes for days that she doesn't leave her room at all, but today, when there was company, she wanted to visit.

Luckily, it wasn't until after they left with T.A. that Ma noticed the gorilla whipping out his winky and taking a big wizz in the front yard.

She spent the rest of the afternoon walking around with her clean undies in a plastic bag, waiting for the men to come back to take her to the nervous hospital.

I think we've finally convinced here to go back to the doctor. If we can't get her drugs straight, I'm gonna need extra to keep from locking her in the closet.

Sooo yeah. That's my weekend so far. I hope yours was at least a little less craptastic.

I'm almost looking forward to Monday. Ya'll hang in there. We'll talk again soon.

Later Taters!


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Tonya said...

Sounds like crazy town has come to stay at your house. I sure hope you get it worked out.