Roller Derby, Decision Making and Pretty Baubles

Really Hot Sauce
So, The Amazon has decided that I need to go to the roller derby in Big City this weekend, because between the truck, the trailer and my job at the factory, my life isn't QUITE Jerry Springerlicious enough. I made her promise she'd never make me go to a tractor pull or a monster truck rally before I agreed. We've already made plans to attend some kinda yak hair and beaver fur festival or some crap in October.

I'm not sure how I feel about this sudden urge to mingle with other humans.. in public. Disaster is imminent.

In other news... I've made a decision. Yeah.. I know, alert the media. I've determined that if I put forth as much effort into finding a new job as I do trying to make extra side money, the side money probably wouldn't be necessary. Most people would probably figure this out right away, but let's face it, sometimes I a fry short of a Happy Meal. So.. the search continues, but with a little more urgency.

In other, other news... I've been dabbling a little making some jewelry, earrings mostly. Not to sell, just for myself. Most earrings I buy cause my earlobes to swell, throb, itch and turn flaming red, so I've done without for the most part. I can find "nickel free" but they're either too expensive or not very attractive, so I've been ordering parts off and making my own. I'll share pictures soon. I may even incorporate my mad clay squishing skills and my bead wrangling expertise with my newly discovered passion for earring bits and bobs.

At least it keeps me out of trouble.

Well, sorta.

Anywho, ya'll have a helluva Humpday. We'll talk again soon.

Later Taters!



Web-Betty said...

Roller derby! That sounds awesome. :)

BetteJo said...

Pictures! Pictures from roller derby. Please!!???

Carolyn said...

I've used a lot. Great products. Free shipping. : )