Weekend Wussy Rambling

The sun is shining down on the holler today. It's warm, but there's a cool breeze blowing. Perfect Saturday weather. I washed some blankets and throws then took them outside and tossed them over the porch rails to dry. I could really use a clothesline. I'll add that to my To Do list. I'll get to it around 2015.

The Repair Guy from our satellite service provider showed up while I was home on my lunch break yesterday. When he called to say he was on his way, the t.v. mysteriously began working. He kinda walked around and looked at stuff and pretty much said he can't fix what ain't broke.. but call him if it happens again. 

Of course, it's not working today.

If we lived in civilization where I could get networks over the air, by golly I'd tell them to take their dish and cram it. 

Some day.

I'm looking forward to next week at The Asylum. Mr. Happy Merry Sunshine will be gone all week. I'll be busy, but that heavy stressy cloud that hangs over our office will hopefully be gone. Maybe I'll burn some incense and chant a little while he's gone. Infuse the air with some positive energy... or something.

Do they sell Aura of Bosshole Remover in a can? (Bosshole: my new favorite word, learned from a Twitter friend.)

I suspect.. and my suspicions are based on gut feelings and bits of overheard conversation, that while Himself is out on sales calls next week, he's secretly looking for a new job. 

A girl can hope.


The Amazon just got home from work and was here for about 30 seconds before giving me the 15 year old attitude eye roll (she'll be 25 this month.. when does it stop????) so I'm gonna go hide in the bedroom. 

My job uses up all my patience these days. I don't have any left for anything else. 

Ya'll have a good weekend. I'm going to try to get through one more day without killing anyone. 

Later Taters!

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Aarin said...

smudge that office! big ol chunk of sage,light it up, some feathers and shoo his bitchyness out. if that'll set of alarms, get sage oil and put it in all corners of the office