Staycations and Mia Farrow Kicks Butt

It's Day One of a Bossman free week at The Asylum. I'm so happy I might just wet myself. A few days before he left, I put in for the week of Labor Day off.

That's right.. a whole week.

When I wrote my long letter in response to the Day of Great Ass Chewing disciplinary meeting, I pointed out that Bossman had asked me to refrain from taking more that a day at a time while we were understaffed, but that he had no problem taking weeks off at a time, on the tail end of his mandatory furlough, leaving me alone in the office for long periods to do both our jobs and I felt that I needed to take some of my well earned vacation.


I think that was one of the things he ended up getting in trouble for. Oh well. Too bad, so sad for him.

So anyway, I've got a whole week off coming up next month. I probably won't go anywhere. I need to make various appointments (dentist, rheumatologist, family doctor and maybe an eye exam. It sucks to get old,) get some housework done and I'd like to do some writing. Maybe I'll sneak in a day trip to Cherokee or Knoxville. We'll see.

I wish I could afford to get far away from the holler for a week, like the trip to Vegas a few years ago or the week I spent in Vancouver.

I'd like to see some folks I'm not related to or at least don't have tobacco juice running down their chin.

In unrelated news...

Did ya'll see where Mia Farrow has taken the stand in the blood diamonds case and called Naomi Campbell a liar?

My hat is off to you Miss Mia. You have the cajones of a bull.  Naomi Campbell is one bad tempered nutnoodle. I hope Mia Farrow has hired extra security to keep her safe from flying cellphones. I'm not even sure I'd trust guards to keep my noggin safe. May I suggest:

That should do it.

Ya'll have an awesometastic week. We'll talk again soon.

Later Taters!