They Never Really Go Away

My day so far:

  • Tripped on the cat while rushing to pee at o-dark-thirty. It's only matter of time until I actually pee on the cat. I really don't want to explain that one to the vet.
  • Brought an entire thermos of coffee but forgot to add creamer. Had to catch the GM's secretary on an errand and ask her to bum some from the gas station. Luckily I have connections there.
  • My boss-free week was interrupted by a phone call from Himself, followed by about four emails asking me to "handle" chit I "handled" on Monday.
  • Snarky buttmonkey customer I can't stand has called every day Bossman has been out, just to let me know how much he appreciates how Bosshole does things and to imply that I don't know chit from turkey. Today I transfered him to engineering. I'm pretty sure he won't bother me anymore.
  • Tried in vain to get some sugary cream cheesey goodness from the snack machine in the break room, but it wouldn't take my dollar and the change machine was out of order. The coffee machine is broken too. They need to change the name from the "break room" to the "broken room." 
I suppose it will get better. I can withstand almost anything without Smiley here. I'll probably work through lunch, taking off just long enough to run down to the campground store for a mooburger.

It's hot ya'll. Hotter than a flaming jalapeƱo pickle. Nasty hot. The kinda hot that makes sweat ooze down in to your lady places.

I don't like it.

Ya'll have a killer Humpday and try to stay cool. We'll talk again soon.

Later Taters!


Tonya said...

I don't think staying cool is possible but I am giving it a hell of a try. And my killer hump day might just turn out to be that if some of these folks don't start acting right.

Inanna said...

There is some swamp butt going on all over the south. It sucks. Hope you enjoy your time without Bosshole.

tiff said...

Projected to top 100 here today! Yay!!

(not really)

Transferring snarky customer to engineering was a genius move.