Mac and Cheese Sophistication

It's a quiet Monday morning at The Asylum. The big heads managers are all in their meeting discussing anything but business, Lulu's on her fourth personal phone call for the day (we've been here a whole hour) and I'm looking busy. It's the first working day of the month and we're all at the mercy of the accounting department, waiting for them to get closed out.

Normally I would be getting all my filing caught up right now, but I don't have any. I predict there will be a lot of me sitting around and looking like I'm a brick shy of a load for most of the day.

In an effort to be more "professional" and less "unsophisticated" (the latter being one of Bossman's stabs from a few weeks ago.. he's such a turd head) I ordered myself a new business bag doohickey. I've been carrying my bottled water and my thermos in a Wally World shopping bag (trying to be eco-friendly) along with my purse. I'll admit, it looks a little erm... hillbilly chic.. but it did the trick. Now that I'm uber paranoid about my job (but not paranoid enough to not blog from work, it seems) I decided I should invest in another option. I ordered myself a nice over the shoulder number that will hold my thermos and bottled water along with the files, employee manual, mini recorder and digital camera I'm now toting to work with me every day.

It's like I'm going in to battle on a daily basis or somechit.


It was on sale, I had a coupon code, there was free shipping and I got it through ebates, so I'll get 8% back (wee!) I ended up paying like $23 (not including the ebate.) I was so proud of myself. Then, this morning I went to see if it had shipped (impatient? Me? naaah!) and it was on sale for 20% MORE off.

Dang it.

I also ordered Pupzilla and the gang some Frontline through a link I got from the animal shelter and got a discount. Did you know that if you have multiple dogs, you don't have to buy a separate box for each size? If you buy a box of the Xtra large size, you can dose it out with a syringe and end up paying way less money. There's a dosing chart here. It's a little more trouble but dang, that stuff is expensive.

Due to all the recent, extra purchases, we'll be eating a lot of this for the next two weeks:

Ya'll have a good one. Let's kick this Monday in the shins and show it who's boss.

We'll talk again soon.

Later Taters!!