Warm Blueberry Morning

Rain is falling on Frog Pond Holler today, The Amazon is in the kitchen making pancakes from scratch and I've made it through another week without getting fired.


I had a small panic attack yesterday afternoon when I over heard Bossman talking to PG about some parts. "We've shipped this out wrong twice. This is not acceptable." He was fuming.

I sat there wondering what I'd effed up now. My heart was racing, I was thinking, "Oh well, I'm fired now. No doubt about it."

When he appeared at my desk, I swallowed hard. He looked at the floor, holding an order, "I've screwed this all up. I looked at the wrong part number, twice. I had PG rush order the wrong part number, twice. Can you enter a new order please? What do we need to do to make this right?"

Whaaaaaaaa? Did I hear right? Bossman screwed up and needed me to fix it? I wasn't sure, it was kind hard to make out exactly what he's said with that chorus of chubby faced cherubs singing the Hallelujah Chorus overhead.

After pointing out that clear communication was a huge issue in the sales department in my letter, I felt it was my duty to clarify what he'd said, "You're saying you mistakenly sent the wrong part number out twice and need a new order?"


"And we rushed these parts from our vendor, do you mean we had them flown in?" I asked innocently.

"Yes. And we'll need to have them flown again."

"Sure, I'll fix it. No problem."

I figure my job is safe  now for a day or two. He's just spent a small fortune in UPS Red charges and eaten the cost of two sets of parts, which we may or may not be able to return.

I know I shouldn't be a vindictive bitch, but HA! Serves him right.


I was up entirely too late last night and my shoulders are doing the snap, crackle, pop, both conditions contributing to a serious case of the lard ass this morning. The sweet smell of fresh coffee and blueberry pancakes, made from fruit from the side of Aunt Moses' mountain is filling the house. I imagine I'll be even less motivated to move off the couch with a tummy full of warm blueberry goodness.

Oh well. It IS Saturday.

Ya'll have a good one. We'll talk again soon.

Later Taters!!


poopie said...

oh.my.god. that is the funniest thing i've seen in FOREVER!!

poopie said...

and ever!!!

kenju said...

I love when the little guy jumps up!

Also love that your boss had to admit mstakes - to you!