The Only Thing Not Sucking is the Vacuum Cleaner

It's only Wednesday? Has this week not already been like.. three weeks long?

I blame the quiet. It's so dead at the Asylum that a church mouse would go stark raving mad. Of course, quiet is better than slamming, yelling and stomping, the sounds you normally hear coming from the sales department. I could turn the radio on, but then I'd have to pick something that His Crankiness would approve of. Lulu and I are still passing notes like school children, I only speak when spoken to and hide in the bathroom if I need to send the Amazon a text message.

I have a feeling this is going to be the norm for a while.

The really sucky part? Business has come to a screeching halt. It is WAY hard to be good when you don't have anything to do, idle hands and all that.

Back at the trailer, I'm having vacuum cleaner problems again. Me and appliances in general aren't getting along. I got the new filter for the vacuum after Pupzilla ate the last one, but I've somehow managed to screw up the installation. It involves sticking it on the plastic hickey and screwing it in. I'm sure there are spider monkeys somewhere trained to do it right the first time.

But not me. No. I've got gargantuan wads of critter hair building up in all the hoses and bird seed spitting out all over the place because nothing is making it to the cup thingie. I'm gonna need The Universe to accept the fact that I can't fix things and I can't afford to replace the vacuum cleaner just because I'm apparently too flippin' stupid to replace the filter.

Also? We've been invaded by gnats. They're not really gnats but that's what we call them. Town is full of them this time of year, but I'm lucky enough to have a thick cloud of them swarming my kitchen. We know they're not technically "gnats" because back a few years ago, some hippy caught some and sent them to some lab somewhere to be identified.

I don't care what name it goes by, when a tiny winged critter flies up my nose it pisses me off.

Remember my tiny garden? My sunflowers got uprooted by the last gullywasher of a storm we had and Aunt Moses weedeated my cucumber vine.

And we seem to be growing weird mutant tomatoes.

At least the tiny bugs that aren't gnats enjoy them.

Anywho, I'd better get back to the grind. Ya'll have a fabulous Hump Day. We'll talk again real soon.

Later Taters!