Channeling Kat Williams

Warning: Strong language

Soooo yeah. I got in trouble again at the Asylum yesterday. Lulu has decided that Friday is "yell at Mahala" day.

The GM came strolling in around 8:15 and as he passed Bossman's office, he asked the GM to step inside. The door was closed and I knew I was being raked over the coals again. After about ten minutes, the GM went back to his own office and I was called in by Bossman. He was sitting behind his desk waving another piece of paper around, shaking all over and having a melt down.

Apparently there was an email I didn't answer back in June when he was out for a week. When I tried to say anything, he cut me off, yelled and verbally put me in my place. I'm pretty sure he didn't notice that I never closed his door when I went inside.

At first, I was all in a wad. I went back to my desk, my gut filled with anxiety, trying to breathe. I dug around in my purse for those magic little "losing my chit" pills. Soon after that, something snapped. The inner dialogue playing in my head started sounding like Kat Williams.

I was not going to cry. I was pissed off.

I sat there, slamming drawers and  muttering to myself, "mutha fucker tryin' to PLAY me. I dunno who that mutha fucker THINKS he's dealing with but that bald headed little shit done when and barked up the WRONG mutha fuckin' tree. Gettin' all up in my face like he think's he ghetto or somechit, I'm gonna own his podunk ass."

Suddenly, I wasn't the middle aged woman who's been living in Frog Pond Holler for 17 years. I was the girl who grew up in Ballantine Place on the slightly shady side of Norfolk. The girl who could hold her own out by "the wall" at Booker T. Washington High School. One of the hoods.

I found parts of the real me that I've worked so hard to beat down and bury in my effort to fit in here.

I don't know what came of his later discussions with the GM. I know I didn't get fired and I know he was so pissed off that he stayed holed up in his office with the door shut all afternoon after the GM left.

He wants me fired. No doubt.

He's in for a fight.

And ya'll? Your comments and advice keep me going.. and I'm not just saying that to blow smoke up your behinds. I mean it. I'd hug all ya'll if I could.

I'd better get cracking on some laundry or I'll have to go to work naked on Monday and I'm pretty sure that would violate some policy.

Ya'll have a good one. We'll talk again soon.

Later Taters.